FSC 4940 Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment

Includes Paint Spraying Equipment. Excludes Hand Tools (FSG 51).

Name NSN Details  
Tip,fluid 4940-00-474-8821 RFQ
Valve,air 4940-00-474-8842 RFQ
Valve,spreader Adju 4940-00-474-8850 RFQ
Heating Torch,gasoline Burning 4940-00-475-1574 An open flame burner designed to facilitate starting of internal combustion engines in any ambient temperature to minus 65 degrees Fahrenheit (53.9 degrees Celsius). It is capable of being lighted with a match at temperatures down to 90 degrees below zero. Any type gasoline or JP-4 fuel may be used. It may have a false bottom for the storage of high mortality repair parts, but will not include the parts. Excludes BLOWTORCH (as modified); HEATING TORCH, FUEL OIL BURNING; and TORCH (as modified). RFQ
Press,track Pin And Bushing,hydraulic 4940-01-598-6096 A machine used for removing and replacing crawler type track pins and bushings. RFQ
Maintenance Kit,telescopic Sight 4940-01-598-6118 A portable optical tool kit used to maintain various hand-held spotting scopes that are used by forward observers, designated marksmen, reconnaissance units, field artillery, and tank crews. RFQ
Adapter Kit,test 4940-01-598-6465 An adapter kit containing items such as adapters, cables, power supply, switching units, and auxiliary test means. Cases and special tools may be included. It is used to adapt items to the standard interface of a piece of test equipment. RFQ
Pilot Pin,actuator 4940-01-598-6493 A headless cylindrical shaped item tapering along its length. A portion is threaded. It is used for aligining or fastening. RFQ
Modification Kit,miscellaneous Maintenance And Repair Shop Equipment 4940-01-598-6995 An item or items employed to modify specially designed miscellaneous maintenance and repair shop equipment. RFQ
Parts Kit,blast Cleaning Machine 4940-01-600-9220 A parts kit used to replace worn and/or damaged parts of a BLAST CLEANING MACHINE. RFQ
Cleaner,pressure,solvent-Water 4940-01-600-9436 A pressure cleaner used to project streams of water detergents, soaps, or cleaning solvents for cleaning motor vehicle exteriors, engines, aircraft exteriors, and the like. Excludes CLEANING GUN, WATER. RFQ
Scrubber,underwater,hull Cleaning 4940-01-601-1381 An item designed to clean ship hulls under the waterline. It operates by a pressure water driven turbine. It usually includes two BRUSH, UNDERWATER SCRUBBER, handles, a fitting, and the like. RFQ
Parts Kit,spray Gun 4940-00-477-3595 RFQ
Shop Equipment,metal Working 4940-01-601-1930 RFQ
Shop Equipment,metal Working 4940-01-601-1928 RFQ
Cleaning Machine,ceiling And Wall,hand Operated 4940-01-601-3350 A manually operated device consisting of feeder tank(s), pressure gage(s), hand pump(s), hose and liquid applicators. Used for applying cleaning solution and rinse water in washing wall, ceilings, etc. RFQ
Gun,air Blow 4940-01-601-3785 A mechanical device designed for attachment to the discharge end of a compressed air line, for blowing dirt or other foreign substance from motors, machinery, and the like. RFQ
Enclosure,electromagnetic Shielding 4940-01-601-3813 A prefabricated and/or demountable structure designed to encompass electrical apparatus and personnel for the purpose of shielding against electromagnetic or mechanical interference. For items that do not encompass personnel, see SHIELD, TEST. RFQ
Leak Detector,refrigerant Gas 4940-01-601-3882 RFQ
Repair Kit,electrical System 4940-01-601-3976 A repair kit consisting of tools and spare parts such as lamps, fuses, fuse holders, contractors, switches and so on, which is used for the repair and maintenance of an electrical system as can be found in buildings or on watercraft. RFQ