FSC 4940 Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repair Shop Specialized Equipment

Includes Paint Spraying Equipment. Excludes Hand Tools (FSG 51).

Name NSN Details  
Charging And Testing Unit,nitrogen 4940-01-632-0583 A mobile unit used to charge and test an item (infrared equipment, guided missile, guided missile shipping and storage container and the like) containing nitrogen. It allows one to verify nitrogen pressure and may analyze the item using a nitrogen scan. It can be reloaded from a source containing nitrogen such as a bottle or the like. RFQ
Shop Equipment,calibration 4940-01-632-1235 A group of items consisting of tools, accessories, and equipment to calibrate TEST SET (as modified), meters and the like. RFQ
Shop Equipment,calibration 4940-01-632-1238 A group of items consisting of tools, accessories, and equipment to calibrate TEST SET (as modified), meters and the like. RFQ
Cleaner,steam,pressure Jet 4940-01-632-1306 A unit designed to remove surface deposits of foreign materials by means of a forced stream of steam and detergent or water. Excludes CLEANER, STEAM, PRESSURE JET, TRAILER MOUNTED; DISHWASHING MACHINE, COMMERCIAL; DISHWASHING MACHINE, HOUSEHOLD; and CLEANER, PRESSURE, SOLVENT-WATER. RFQ
Kit,filter Replacem 4940-01-632-1375 RFQ
Shop Equipment,utility 4940-01-632-1946 RFQ
Lance,insulated 4940-01-632-2083 RFQ
Injector,chemical 4940-01-632-2096 RFQ
Shop Equipment Cali 4940-01-632-2262 RFQ
Shop Equipment Cali 4940-01-632-2264 RFQ
Shop Equipment Cali 4940-01-632-2265 RFQ
Enclosure,electromagnetic Shielding 4940-01-630-1667 A prefabricated and/or demountable structure designed to encompass electrical apparatus and personnel for the purpose of shielding against electromagnetic or mechanical interference. For items that do not encompass personnel, see SHIELD, TEST. RFQ
Platform Lift 4940-01-630-2531 An item of equipment which may be self-propelled, truck mounted or trailer mounted. Item is designed to provide a safe working platform for overhead installation, inspection, maintenance, repair or construction. A small floored area (working platform) is mounted on scissor arms for vertical extension only. Working platform may include a cantilever for additional horizontal reach. Scissor Arms are hydraulically operated and controlled by a mechanism located within the platform and/or on the vehicle. Excludes SERVICING PLATFORM, as modified and MAINTENANCE PLATFORM. RFQ
Adapter Kit,mechanical Test 4940-01-632-5777 A collection of various types of ADAPTER (1), MECHANICAL TEST with associated mechanical and/or hydraulic and/or pneumatic connectors, linkages, and fittings necessary for the adaptation of test items to the standard interface of a tester/test set. Cases, special tools and cleaning supplies may be included. Excludes ADAPTER SET, TEST. RFQ
Shop Equipment,fuel And Electrical System,engine 4940-01-632-5793 RFQ
Adapter,test 4940-01-632-6142 An adapter which provides facilities for electrically connecting an item to be tested and a piece of test equipment. Do not use for interconnecting cables. Includes plug-in electronic component socket adapters which provide terminations for dynamic testing while an electronic component is inserted. See also COUPLER, TEST SET. RFQ
Fuel Tank Vacuum Te 4940-01-632-6124 RFQ
Repair Kit,electrical Cable 4940-01-632-6156 RFQ
Modification Kit,miscellaneous Maintenance And Repair Shop Equipment 4940-01-632-6839 An item or items employed to modify specially designed miscellaneous maintenance and repair shop equipment. RFQ
Maintenance Platform 4940-01-632-7374 An item of equipment with small floored area(s) supported by scaffolding of metal or wood framework, either portable or stationary. For use in repairing, cleaning, installing, and inspection of property, machinery, and equipment above the general floor level. Excludes MAINTENANCE PLATFORM, AIRCRAFT and MAINTENANCE PLATFORM, GUIDED MISSILE or the like. RFQ