FSC 5110 Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered

Includes Chisels; Files; Pipe Cutters; Rasps; Saws; Screw Plates; Axes; Hatchets; Machetes.

Name NSN Details  
Scraper,bearing 5110-01-502-9242 A metal working hand tool consisting of a blade with one or two handles or a tang suitable for accommodating a handle. It is designed for removing metal by scraping flat and/or curved surfaces of metal bearings, for smoothing and alignment purposes. See SCRAPER SET, BEARING. RFQ
Wire Wrapping And U 5110-01-502-9696 RFQ
Blade,knife 5110-01-502-9973 A detachable steel blade made to fit a handle and designed for a specific task. RFQ
Blade,knife 5110-01-502-9974 A detachable steel blade made to fit a handle and designed for a specific task. RFQ
Nippers,end Cutting 5110-01-503-0218 A plierlike hand tool having two opposing sharp edged jaws, each at right angles to the axis of the handles, actuated on a pivot or hinge to develop a cutting action. RFQ
Deburring Tool 5110-00-005-5648 RFQ
Cutter,wire Rope,hand Operated 5110-01-502-1837 An item specifically designed and rated to cut wire or wire rope. It may cut mild steel rod and the like. See also CUTTER, CABLE, HAND OPERATED. RFQ
Jaws,bolt Cutter 5110-01-502-3253 RFQ
Knife,scraping 5110-01-502-3254 A hand tool with an edged blade fixed to a handle for scraping materials from surfaces. RFQ
File Set,thread Res 5110-01-502-3255 RFQ
Knife,craftsman's 5110-01-502-4316 A hand tool used for cutting upholstery, rubber, leather and other non-metallic materials with or without detachable blades. It may be furnished with or without extra cutting blades. RFQ
Stripper,cable,hand 5110-01-502-6224 A hand held, hand operated item specifically designed to strip insulation and outer coverings, such as lead or plastic sheathing from electric conductors. To prevent damage to the underlying insulation, it shall have an adjustable blade for proper depth of cut or a nonadjustable, hook type blade with a blunt nose provided in handle. See also STRIPPER, WIRE HAND. RFQ
Saw,hand,metal Cutting 5110-01-504-4095 A metal cutting handsaw with a closed grip handle fastened at the wide end of a straight back blade. The unset cutting teeth on the blade are designed for cutting metal and are milled straight across. RFQ
Cutter,guard 5110-01-504-8008 RFQ
Chisel,cold,hand 5110-01-504-8100 A metal cutting hand tool less than 18 inches (457.2 mm) in length, having a straight, double beveled symmetrical cutting edge on one end, with cutting edge equal or greater than the distance between flats of stock. The opposite end contains a striking head. RFQ
Pliers,diagonal Cutting 5110-01-504-8448 A nongripping, cutting tool having its cutting edges set at an angle to the handles, for cutting close to flat surfaces. See also PLIERS and PLIERS (as modified). RFQ
Blade,knife 5110-00-010-8012 A detachable steel blade made to fit a handle and designed for a specific task. RFQ
Wrench Assembly,air 5110-01-506-3239 RFQ
Extractor Tool,airc 5110-01-506-8178 RFQ
Tool Wire Wrap Kit, 5110-01-506-8181 RFQ