FSC 5410 Prefabricated and Portable Buildings

Includes Prefabricated Panels; Inflatable Shelters; Metal Screens and Metal Windows.

Name NSN Details  
Door Assembly,shelt 5410-00-004-5597 RFQ
Door Assembly,shelt 5410-00-004-5596 RFQ
Lift Fitting,center 5410-00-004-5598 RFQ
Panel Assembly,swin 5410-00-004-5605 RFQ
Door Assembly,shelt 5410-00-004-5599 RFQ
Door Assembly,shelt 5410-00-004-5600 RFQ
Door Assembly,shelt 5410-00-004-5601 RFQ
Panel Assembly,end 5410-00-004-5603 RFQ
Panel Assembly,swin 5410-00-004-7502 RFQ
Jack,leveling,shelt 5410-00-004-7499 RFQ
Panel Assembly,fold 5410-00-004-7503 RFQ
Panel Assembly,fold 5410-00-004-7504 RFQ
Arch Counterflashin 5410-00-005-8698 RFQ
Locating Device,col 5410-00-005-8690 RFQ
Column Assembly,han 5410-00-005-8705 RFQ
Support Assembly,co 5410-00-005-8709 RFQ
Door Assembly,right 5410-00-006-2847 RFQ
Latch,end Wall 5410-00-006-2849 RFQ
Rod Assembly,adjustable 5410-01-653-0687 A long slender implement, adjustable in length, used to support a standard intergrated command post, it may be fitted with hardware. RFQ
Seal,personnel Door 5410-00-006-8938 RFQ