FSC 5420 Bridges, Fixed and Floating

Includes Special Bridge Erection Equipment; Bridge Floats and Pontoons; Tramways; Trestles. Excludes Pontoons and Floating Docks (FSC 1945).

Name NSN Details  
Test Fixture,hydrau 5420-00-537-8831 RFQ
Curb,deck Assembly 5420-00-542-4722 RFQ
Panel,ramp,male,ass 5420-00-542-4731 RFQ
Pin,connector 5420-00-541-2534 RFQ
End Lug Extrusion,d 5420-00-541-8507 RFQ
Spring Retainer,cur 5420-00-541-8509 RFQ
Male Connector Cast 5420-00-541-8512 RFQ
Spring Assembly,sup 5420-00-541-8525 RFQ
Hook Assembly 5420-00-541-8564 RFQ
Screw Nut Clamping 5420-00-541-8572 RFQ
Hook Assembly 5420-00-541-8600 RFQ
Bracket Assembly,cy 5420-00-542-3192 RFQ
Carrier,bridge Launching 5420-00-542-3052 A self-propelled armored vehicle mounted on a tank chassis. It is designed and equipped for transporting and launching of tank assault bridges. RFQ
Pin,cylinder,over 5420-00-542-3096 RFQ
Pin,cylinder,tongue 5420-00-542-3100 RFQ
Pin,boom,swing 5420-00-542-3101 RFQ
Pin,cylinder,swin 5420-00-542-3102 RFQ
Cylinder,hydraulic, 5420-00-542-3104 RFQ
Cable,quadrant 5420-00-542-3141 RFQ
Pin,cylinder,tong 5420-00-542-3105 RFQ