FSC 5420 Bridges, Fixed and Floating

Includes Special Bridge Erection Equipment; Bridge Floats and Pontoons; Tramways; Trestles. Excludes Pontoons and Floating Docks (FSC 1945).

Name NSN Details  
Tee 5420-00-732-1133 RFQ
Valve Assembly Bank 5420-00-732-1088 RFQ
Pump Hydraulic Ram 5420-00-732-7367 RFQ
Trestle Assembly 5420-00-814-3799 RFQ
Retainer Assembly,s 5420-00-814-3796 RFQ
Shoe Assembly,trest 5420-00-814-3797 RFQ
Transom Assembly 5420-00-814-3798 RFQ
Pin,adapter 5420-00-816-2281 RFQ
Cap Assembly Hydrau 5420-00-816-5647 RFQ
Seal Hose Guide Pla 5420-00-816-5652 RFQ
Gasket Inspection P 5420-00-816-5654 RFQ
Block 5420-01-208-0770 RFQ
Hose Assembly Rubbe 5420-00-862-2597 RFQ
Yoke 5420-00-869-7855 RFQ
Mount Assembly Prim 5420-00-870-9565 RFQ
Superstructure,tran 5420-00-877-8679 RFQ
Superstructure,inte 5420-00-877-8682 RFQ
Superstructure,end 5420-00-877-8684 RFQ
Carrier,bridge Launching 5420-00-889-2020 A self-propelled armored vehicle mounted on a tank chassis. It is designed and equipped for transporting and launching of tank assault bridges. RFQ
Bridge Erection Set,floating Bridge 5420-00-892-4596 Necessary tools and equipment for the erection and maintenance of bridges. RFQ