FSC 5420 Bridges, Fixed and Floating

Includes Special Bridge Erection Equipment; Bridge Floats and Pontoons; Tramways; Trestles. Excludes Pontoons and Floating Docks (FSC 1945).

Name NSN Details  
Stringer Span,steel 5420-01-050-6825 RFQ
Adapter Assembly,to 5420-01-050-7240 RFQ
Lever,bow Ponton 5420-01-053-0485 RFQ
Bent Connection Pl 5420-01-053-6233 RFQ
Bent Connection Pl 5420-01-053-6234 RFQ
Wire Rope Assy,stee 5420-01-053-9238 RFQ
Stringer Span,steel 5420-01-054-4293 RFQ
Stringer Span,steel 5420-01-055-0768 RFQ
Cover Assembly 5420-01-059-4564 RFQ
Deck Unit,bridging 5420-01-063-5650 A rectangular shaped platform, either of wood and/or metal construction used to form the road surface of certain bridges or rafts. See also Chess Bridges. RFQ
Member,frame,rear 5420-01-067-3241 RFQ
Stringer Span,steel 5420-01-064-2619 RFQ
Rocker Assembly,fix 5420-01-071-0162 RFQ
Diaphragms,steel 5420-01-071-5551 RFQ
Carrier,bridge Launching 5420-01-076-6096 A self-propelled armored vehicle mounted on a tank chassis. It is designed and equipped for transporting and launching of tank assault bridges. RFQ
Bracket Assembly 5420-01-079-4310 RFQ
Pin,capsill 5420-01-079-6633 RFQ
Seat,building Frame 5420-01-081-0934 RFQ
Footwalk,bridge 5420-01-081-3244 RFQ
Pallet Assembly,tra 5420-01-081-3229 RFQ