FSC 5680 Miscellaneous Construction Materials

Includes Expanded Metal Lath; Airplane Landing Mats; Traction Mats.

Name NSN Details  
Molding,vinyl Cove 5680-01-004-2702 RFQ
Threshold,door 5680-01-006-4505 RFQ
Metal,expanded 5680-01-007-8928 A ferrous or nonferrous metal sheet, that has been slit and expanded to form a mesh, which is used for reinforced concrete work or plaster wall construction and also for making grille vents and for such articles as trays where stiffness is needed with light weight. RFQ
Molding,base,vinyl 5680-01-008-0830 RFQ
Panel,structural 5680-01-009-3528 A flat sheet of sandwich construction, having a wood, formed plastic, or fiberglass core bonded to metallic or fiberglass facing material. It is primarily used for fabricating parts, such as floors, control surfaces, compartments, and the like. Excludes CORE MATERIAL, CELLULAR, STRUCTURAL. RFQ
Keylock Assembly 5680-01-010-6021 RFQ
Keylock Assembly 5680-01-010-6020 RFQ
Clamp,edge 5680-01-012-0333 RFQ
Adapter,deflector 5680-01-012-0334 RFQ
Adapter,deflector 5680-01-012-0335 RFQ
Key Lock Assembly,m 5680-01-012-7310 RFQ
Keylock Assembly,ma 5680-01-012-7476 RFQ
Keylock Assembly,ma 5680-01-012-7477 RFQ
Adapter,deflector 5680-01-012-7478 RFQ
Spacer Assembly 5680-01-012-7479 RFQ
Spacer Assembly 5680-01-012-7480 RFQ
Fixture Assembly,dr 5680-01-012-7505 RFQ
Key Lock Assembly,m 5680-01-012-7506 RFQ
Cover,manhole 5680-01-015-2593 A metallic item for mounting upon a FRAME, MANHOLE and completely closing the opening. RFQ
Bar,locking,mat,lan 5680-01-018-3149 RFQ