FSC 5805 Telephone and Telegraph Equipment

Name NSN Details  
Frame,universal Tru 5805-00-406-1587 RFQ
Key,telegraph 5805-00-406-4934 An item designed for the rapid opening and closing of an electrical circuit by manual and/or semiautomatic actuation of a lever for transmission of code signals. RFQ
Cable Rack 5805-00-407-0705 RFQ
Gasket Cover Plate 5805-00-407-3725 RFQ
Maintenance Kit,electronic Equipment 5805-00-407-3756 RFQ
Switch,monophone 5805-00-407-3808 RFQ
Case 5805-00-407-3891 RFQ
Case 5805-00-407-3892 RFQ
Telephone Connecting And Switching Group 5805-00-407-4203 A collection of items, that provide telephone connecting and switching facilities. RFQ
Maintenance Kit,electronic Equipment 5805-00-407-4223 RFQ
Leg Set 5805-00-407-4825 RFQ
Contact Assembly 5805-00-407-5091 RFQ
Stand,test,telephon 5805-00-407-5146 RFQ
Shaft Subassembly 5805-00-407-5222 RFQ
Telephone Terminal Subassembly 5805-00-407-6252 Two or more different types of items having a common mounting or mounted on each other which together form a portion of a telephone terminal but which in itself is not a complete functioning item and cannot be assigned a more definite item name. RFQ
Plate Retainer 5805-00-407-6288 RFQ
Holder,identificati 5805-00-407-6264 RFQ
Mounting Arm 5805-00-407-6281 RFQ
Plate,spacer 5805-00-407-6289 RFQ
Spring 5805-00-407-6302 RFQ