FSC 5811 Other Cryptologic Equipment and Components

Name NSN Details  
Control Indicator, 5811-01-166-6384 RFQ
Keytop,keyboard,dat 5811-01-167-5017 RFQ
Display-Generator,t 5811-01-167-6238 RFQ
Converter,digital 5811-01-167-6239 RFQ
Clock,black Statio 5811-01-168-0125 RFQ
Signal Processing S 5811-01-169-4358 RFQ
Operator Console Su 5811-01-169-1875 RFQ
Signal Demodulation 5811-01-169-1876 RFQ
Signal Control Comp 5811-01-169-1877 RFQ
Magnetic Tape Drive 5811-01-170-4866 RFQ
Digital Processor 5811-01-170-4865 RFQ
Panel,indicator 5811-01-171-8285 A panel designed for indicating purposes only. It does not distribute power nor control the equipment with which it is used. See also PANEL, POWER DISTRIBUTION; SWITCHBOARD, POWER and INDICATOR ASSEMBLY. RFQ
Display,pan 5811-01-170-0183 RFQ
Computer,automated Information System,cryptologic 5811-01-172-7226 A computer designed to operate within an Automated Information System (AIS) supporting the cryptologic effort. These support functions include safeguarding Service Cryptologic Element (SCE) organic information and communications, terrestrial, airborne, and afloat. RFQ
Gpib Computer Board 5811-01-172-7228 RFQ
Processor,signal 5811-01-170-0181 RFQ
Extender Interface 5811-01-170-0166 RFQ
Time Display 5811-01-170-0178 RFQ
Timer,display 5811-01-170-0179 RFQ
Control Panel 5811-01-172-9649 RFQ