FSC 5826 Radio Navigation Equipment, Airborne

Includes Loran Equipment; Shoran Equipment; Direction Finding Equipment.

Name NSN Details  
Amplifier,impedanc 5826-00-001-4074 RFQ
Control,radio Set 5826-00-001-4076 A single component that determines the mode of operation of a radio set. RFQ
Control,radio Set 5826-01-503-1822 A single component that determines the mode of operation of a radio set. RFQ
Generator,sweep 5826-00-001-7116 An electronic device which applies voltage or current to the deflection elements in a cathode ray tube in a way to make the deflection for the electron beam a known function of time or other data base, against which other periodically occurring electrical phenomena may be examined, compared, or measured. It is often referred to as a timing axis oscillator. RFQ
Direction Finder Set 5826-01-503-2665 A complete electronic set specifically designed to orientate the source of electromagnetic waves propagated by a transmitter(s). RFQ
Chassis,wired,radio 5826-01-503-5406 RFQ
Gear,pinion 5826-00-710-5022 RFQ
Clamp 5826-00-710-5029 RFQ
Receiver,radio Navigation 5826-01-504-1750 A receiver used for reception of radio frequency electromagnetic wave transmitted through space. See RECEIVER as modified. RFQ
Loran Indicator Subassembly 5826-01-504-1753 Two or more different types of items having a common mounting or mounted on each other which together form a portion of a loran indicator but which in itself is not a complete functioning item and cannot be assigned a more definite item name. RFQ
Control,mode Selector,navigation 5826-01-504-7201 A control designed to select and monitor different radio navigation systems via a switching function. Switch selector may be toggle or rotary. RFQ
Modification Kit,radio Equipment 5826-01-504-8822 An item or items employed to modify radio equipment. RFQ
Indicator,course 5826-01-504-9312 An indicator that displays the angular value, measured clockwise, between true north and a line connecting the points of origin and destination over which an aircraft, ship or ground vehicle travels. RFQ
Dial And Shaft Asse 5826-00-010-1526 RFQ
Dial And Shaft Asse 5826-00-010-1527 RFQ
Wafer Assy,switch 5826-00-012-5003 RFQ
Wafer Assembly,swit 5826-00-012-5045 RFQ
Gear Assembly 5826-01-505-6632 RFQ
Tape,frequency 5826-00-015-2387 RFQ
Plate Assembly 5826-00-015-3965 RFQ