FSC 5826 Radio Navigation Equipment, Airborne

Includes Loran Equipment; Shoran Equipment; Direction Finding Equipment.

Name NSN Details  
Stator Assembly,ind 5826-00-304-7020 RFQ
Ring,collector,oute 5826-00-304-8823 RFQ
Loop Assy 5826-00-305-2249 RFQ
Screw Thumb 5826-00-305-2318 RFQ
Control,radio Set 5826-00-305-2334 A single component that determines the mode of operation of a radio set. RFQ
Panel 5826-00-305-2569 RFQ
Shaft,drum Assembly 5826-00-305-4088 RFQ
Coil Assembly 5826-00-305-6679 RFQ
Clip,tee Sense,ante 5826-00-306-2448 RFQ
Spacer,switch Mount 5826-00-306-4639 RFQ
Spacer,radio Freque 5826-00-306-4641 RFQ
Handset,telephone 5826-00-306-7203 RFQ
Rackmount 5826-00-306-7227 RFQ
Shockmount 5826-00-306-7228 RFQ
Spares Kit 5826-00-306-7254 RFQ
Test Fixture,transc 5826-00-306-7304 RFQ
Transmitter-Mixer S 5826-01-048-0212 RFQ
Spacer,switch Key I 5826-00-308-0269 RFQ
Cover,antenna Shiel 5826-00-307-3745 RFQ
Antenna Coupler Con 5826-00-307-4379 RFQ