FSC 5845 Underwater Sound Equipment

Includes Sonar Equipment; Underwater Listening Equipment; Sonobuoys; Sonobuoy Launchers; Fathometers; Sofar Equipment.

Name NSN Details  
Drive Assy 5845-00-091-0847 RFQ
Piston Assy 5845-00-091-3494 RFQ
Tape Magnetic 5845-00-092-5404 RFQ
Coil Assembly,oscil 5845-00-894-5136 RFQ
Adapter,jack To Plu 5845-00-095-1279 RFQ
Hydrophone,sonar 5845-00-096-2632 A device specifically designed to be used underwater to convert underwater sound energy into electrical energy. For items designed to convert electrical energy into underwater sound energy and underwater sound energy into electrical energy, see TRANSDUCER, SONAR. For items designed to convert electrical energy into underwater sound energy only, see PROJECTOR, SONAR. RFQ
Clock1oscillator 5845-00-097-1455 RFQ
Decoder,control 5845-00-097-1459 RFQ
Frequency Converter 5845-00-097-1643 RFQ
Restrainer,sonobuoy 5845-00-097-1704 RFQ
Breech Assy,fixed 5845-00-097-8851 RFQ
Launch Container 5845-00-097-8876 RFQ
Transmitter,sonar 5845-00-097-9581 A single component designed to be used in conjunction with a projector or transducer for the specific purpose of generating underwater sound energy. RFQ
Indicator,bearing-Range 5845-00-097-9637 An indicator that displays data for the determination of the angle between a target and a fixed reference point, and for the spacing between two points as determined by interpolation between nondeterminate reference indices. RFQ
Breech Assembly,son 5845-00-097-9620 RFQ
Multiplier Recorder 5845-00-898-7280 RFQ
Switch,transmit Rec 5845-00-899-0472 RFQ
Guide,stylus,belt 5845-00-090-1924 RFQ
Ring Mounting 5845-00-090-3927 RFQ
Spool Assy 5845-00-090-4034 RFQ