FSC 5865 Electronic Countermeasures, Counter-Countermeasures and Quick Reaction Capability Equipment

Name NSN Details  
Receiver,infrared 5865-01-522-3724 An item specifically designed to intercept and/or demodulate infrared radiations. May have provisions for presenting intelligence. RFQ
Control,transmitter,countermeasures 5865-01-522-3848 RFQ
Control,transmitter,countermeasures 5865-01-522-3856 RFQ
Modulator,radio Transmitter 5865-01-522-3872 An electronic device which varies the amplitude phase or frequency of a carrier wave signal generated by a radio transmitter according to a pre-determined scheme. Excludes CODER, RADIO BEACON and KEYER, FREQUENCY SHIFT. RFQ
Canister Assembly,countermeasures 5865-01-522-4263 An I-beam shaped structure which is used for mounting, cooling, and providing electrical power to countermeasures subassemblies and associated electrical components contained within a COUNTERMEASURES SET. RFQ
Sensor Assembly,countermeasures 5865-01-522-5498 A unit used as part of a RECEIVER, COUNTERMEASURES. It provides an image intensified video for the operator, in addition to the capability of target surveillance, acquisition and tracking. It provides an output signal to the main COUNTERMEASURES SET to determine the required response. RFQ
Spring Mount Top,ai 5865-01-523-0631 RFQ
Cover,upper,aircraf 5865-01-523-0615 RFQ
Spring Mount,aircra 5865-01-523-0616 RFQ
Bushing,spring,airc 5865-01-523-0618 RFQ
Hv Connector Assy,a 5865-01-523-0619 RFQ
Cable Assembly,airc 5865-01-523-0626 RFQ
Backplane,double,ai 5865-01-523-0627 RFQ
Backshell,aircraft, 5865-01-523-0628 RFQ
Cover,lower,aircraf 5865-01-523-0630 RFQ
Strap,wire Braid Re 5865-01-523-0633 RFQ
Shield,termination 5865-01-523-0634 RFQ
Cable Assembly,airc 5865-01-523-0638 RFQ
Magazine,dispenser,countermeasures 5865-01-523-0642 An item designed to hold several chaff and/or flare containers within a DISPENSER, COUNTERMEASURES. Once loaded into the aircraft, the chaff or flare from the containers are electronically ejected from the magazine into the air to deter aircraft threat. RFQ
Dispenser,countermeasures 5865-01-523-0649 An item specifically designed to carry and eject CHAFF, COUNTERMEASURES or FLARE, COUNTERMEASURES for use against enemy radar signals. RFQ