FSC 5865 Electronic Countermeasures, Counter-Countermeasures and Quick Reaction Capability Equipment

Name NSN Details  
Receiver,video 5865-00-401-4921 RFQ
Panel,receiver,countermeasure 5865-01-583-2208 A panel specifically designed to enclose and interconnect a RECEIVER, COUNTERMEASURE. It may have holes drilled or cut to accomodate items to be mounted such as cable assemblies, accompanying hardware and the like. RFQ
Container,countermeasures Chaff 5865-01-581-3286 An item in which the chaff is placed for use as required. It may be of cylindrical or rectangular shape, and may be permanently or temporarily installed on the aircraft. For items that eject a container or portioned amounts, see DISPENSER, COUNTERMEASURES and DISPENSING SET, COUNTERMEASURES. RFQ
Warning Receiver System,countermeasure 5865-01-581-3996 This is a modular system that uses passive means to declare valid missiles. This system detects incoming missiles through Electro-Optic Sensors and provides centralized control of interface functions. RFQ
Amplification And I 5865-01-581-4883 RFQ
Sensor,electro-Optic Countermeasure 5865-01-581-5056 This item is a passive detector which detects threats utilizing the Electro-Optic portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. It provides the specified field of sensitivity, resolution, and dynamic range within the specified spectral band. This system may be portable and may be delivered or emplaced by hand, manned/unmanned vehicle dispensed launched, remote launched via manned/unmanned aircraft and by current rocket systems. RFQ
Acquisition System,signal Data 5865-01-581-8599 A collection of items and sets, such as RADIO SET; COMPUTER, (as modified); and the like that provide for the acquisition, correlation, processing, monitoring, and evaluation of radio frequencies. May also provide facilities for controlling, switching, and the like. May include ANTENNA-RECEIVER-TRANSMITTER GROUP, ACQUISITION. RFQ
Modificaiton Kit 5865-01-584-2053 RFQ
Switch Driver Assy 5865-00-405-5159 RFQ
Encoder,countermeasures 5865-01-584-3727 A device which is used to convert analog to digital; encodes frequency information to digital outputs; accepts coarse information from a channelized receiving subsystem; resolves fine parameter measurements and encodes parameters into a digital word for transmission to a control processor. RFQ
Target Acquisition System 5865-01-584-3745 A collection of items, two or more being major electronic components which, when used with airborne radar and/or other sensors, will provide facilities for receiving and transmitting radar data, and furnishing continuous target position data to a computer and/or artillery units and/or C3I facilities. May include facilities for local control and/or monitoring, aligning or leveling during installation. RFQ
Chassis Plans,kbm 5865-01-584-9762 RFQ
Laser Aiming Module 5865-01-585-1535 RFQ
Receiver-Processor,suite Integrated Radio Frequency Countermeasure 5865-01-585-2650 The receiver-processor subsystem-portion of an integrated electronic set composed of receivers, processors and modulators specifically designed to provide facilities for intercepting, analyzing and countering electromagnetic energy propagated by radar directed weapon systems and to provide warning and electronic countermeasures (ECM). The unit is designed to interface with other aircraft systems and sensors to provide countermeasures management, situational awareness and a pilot-vehicle interface for each particular aircraft on which it is installed. RFQ
Ground Station,tactical Intelligence 5865-01-585-3857 A collection of items forming a primary imagery intelligence ground station. It supports the collection, display, storage, analysis and reporting of image intelligence data supplied by airborne sensors via data links. Data may include moving target indicators, fixed target indicators, synthetic aperture radar, unmanned aerial vehicle video, and the like. It is a member of the DISTRIBUTED COMMON GROUND SYSTEM - Army family of systems. RFQ
Housing And Channel 5865-00-409-2804 RFQ
Sensor Assembly,countermeasures 5865-01-584-0103 A unit used as part of a RECEIVER, COUNTERMEASURES. It provides an image intensified video for the operator, in addition to the capability of target surveillance, acquisition and tracking. It provides an output signal to the main COUNTERMEASURES SET to determine the required response. RFQ
Control,receiver,countermeasures 5865-01-586-1852 A single component that determines the mode of operation of a RECEIVER, COUNTERMEASURES. RFQ
Processor,countermeasures Signal 5865-01-586-5450 An electronic device which, given an enemy radar signal, identifies the type of threat that the radar signal represents and conveys this data to the operator. RFQ
Receiver,countermeasures 5865-01-586-5451 A receiver used to deprive the enemy of the effective use of his electronic equipment through position fixing, signal identification, deception, and jamming with resultant tactical advantage to our own operating forces. RFQ