FSC 5865 Electronic Countermeasures, Counter-Countermeasures and Quick Reaction Capability Equipment

Name NSN Details  
Tuner Converter,fre 5865-00-051-8321 RFQ
Tuner Converter,fre 5865-00-051-8322 RFQ
Tuner Converter Fre 5865-00-051-8323 RFQ
Tuner Converter Fre 5865-00-051-8324 RFQ
Encoder,countermeasures 5865-01-512-6746 A device which is used to convert analog to digital; encodes frequency information to digital outputs; accepts coarse information from a channelized receiving subsystem; resolves fine parameter measurements and encodes parameters into a digital word for transmission to a control processor. RFQ
Control,transmitter,countermeasures 5865-01-512-6735 RFQ
Antenna Interface U 5865-01-513-0273 RFQ
Indicator,azimuth And Panoramic 5865-01-513-0274 An indicator which presents the angle between a fixed reference point and a target, and an array of signals received from a segment of the frequency spectrum. RFQ
Control,countermeasures Set 5865-01-513-0276 A control which determines the mode of operation of a countermeasures set. RFQ
Control,countermeasures Set 5865-01-513-0277 A control which determines the mode of operation of a countermeasures set. RFQ
Enerdyneen Coder 5865-01-513-0342 RFQ
Cover Subassembly 5865-00-054-4193 RFQ
Cam,oscillator Asse 5865-00-054-4210 RFQ
Cam,oscillator Asse 5865-00-054-4216 RFQ
Center Conductor As 5865-00-054-4227 RFQ
Board Assy,connecto 5865-00-054-4619 RFQ
Clutch Assy 5865-00-054-4634 RFQ
Sensor,electro-Optic Countermeasure 5865-01-513-3591 This item is a passive detector which detects threats utilizing the Electro-Optic portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. It provides the specified field of sensitivity, resolution, and dynamic range within the specified spectral band. This system may be portable and may be delivered or emplaced by hand, manned/unmanned vehicle dispensed launched, remote launched via manned/unmanned aircraft and by current rocket systems. RFQ
Distr Unit,high Fre 5865-01-513-3906 RFQ
Receiver,countermeasures 5865-01-513-4715 A receiver used to deprive the enemy of the effective use of his electronic equipment through position fixing, signal identification, deception, and jamming with resultant tactical advantage to our own operating forces. RFQ