FSC 5865 Electronic Countermeasures, Counter-Countermeasures and Quick Reaction Capability Equipment

Name NSN Details  
Bezel Subassembly 5865-00-057-9453 RFQ
Retainer,lamp 5865-00-057-9489 RFQ
Bar,release 5865-00-057-9490 RFQ
Chassis Assembly 5865-00-057-9501 RFQ
Retainer-Bus Bar 5865-00-057-9504 RFQ
Clutch-Shaft 5865-00-057-9709 RFQ
Coupler,countermeas 5865-00-058-0387 RFQ
Module,amplifier 5865-00-058-7787 RFQ
Eccentric,crankshaf 5865-00-058-7618 RFQ
Module,force Ejecto 5865-00-058-7762 RFQ
Filter Transformer 5865-00-060-6815 RFQ
Weight,control Assy 5865-00-061-3021 RFQ
Connector And Pin 5865-00-052-9888 RFQ
Connector And Plug 5865-00-052-9967 RFQ
Connector And Plug 5865-00-052-9968 RFQ
Connector And Plug 5865-00-052-9980 RFQ
Control,transmitter,countermeasures 5865-00-053-0003 RFQ
Guide,board 5865-00-053-0554 RFQ
Cover,module 5865-00-053-1425 RFQ
Dispenser,countermeasures 5865-00-053-1866 An item specifically designed to carry and eject CHAFF, COUNTERMEASURES or FLARE, COUNTERMEASURES for use against enemy radar signals. RFQ