FSC 5865 Electronic Countermeasures, Counter-Countermeasures and Quick Reaction Capability Equipment

Name NSN Details  
Horizontal Sweep 5865-00-053-2650 RFQ
High Voltage Assemb 5865-00-053-2584 RFQ
Amplifier Assembly 5865-00-053-2652 RFQ
Oscillating Group 5865-00-053-9897 A collection of items, which when used with an electronic set provide facilities for a complete OSCILLATOR (1), CRYSTAL CONTROLLED OR OSCILLATOR (1) NON-CRYSTAL CONTROLLED. RFQ
Valve,servo 5865-00-064-1718 RFQ
Control,dispenser,countermeasures 5865-00-862-9975 A device which determines the mode of operation of a countermeasures dispenser. RFQ
Case Assembly 5865-00-065-6751 RFQ
Control Assy,tuner 5865-00-066-2591 RFQ
Cover Assembly 5865-00-066-6143 RFQ
Cover Assembly 5865-00-066-6144 RFQ
Cover Assembly 5865-00-066-6145 RFQ
Spring,reservoir,re 5865-00-067-3758 RFQ
Filter,coolant Pump 5865-00-067-3753 RFQ
Filter,inlet,pump 5865-00-067-3755 RFQ
Valve,reservoir Rel 5865-00-067-3757 RFQ
Cartridge Assembly 5865-00-067-3771 RFQ
Coupling Sleeve,pu 5865-00-067-3787 RFQ
Ring,pilot 5865-00-067-3809 RFQ
Case,blanker,interf 5865-00-067-3810 RFQ
Integrated Circuit, 5865-00-067-4187 RFQ