FSC 5865 Electronic Countermeasures, Counter-Countermeasures and Quick Reaction Capability Equipment

Name NSN Details  
Module,countermeasu 5865-00-106-3498 RFQ
Module,countermeasu 5865-00-106-3502 RFQ
Heater,flat 5865-00-106-3504 RFQ
Modulator,amplitude 5865-00-106-3505 RFQ
Modulator,amplitude 5865-00-106-3506 RFQ
Cover,generator 5865-00-106-3510 RFQ
Preselector 5865-00-907-2444 RFQ
Coupling,band Pod 5865-00-106-9212 RFQ
Relay Group 5865-00-908-1234 RFQ
Towed Body Network 5865-00-108-7425 RFQ
Power Module 5865-00-108-8454 RFQ
Band,cam 5865-00-109-6112 RFQ
Control Panel 5865-00-109-9363 RFQ
Receiver Subassembly,countermeasure 5865-00-102-4230 Two or more different types of items, having a common mounting or mounted on each other which together form a portion of a RECEIVER, COUNTERMEASURE, but which in itself is not a complete functioning item and cannot be assigned a more definite item name. RFQ
Poppet Assembly,val 5865-00-103-1292 RFQ
Comparator Module,signal 5865-00-111-4603 An item specifically designed to correlate information from two or more signals when installed in an appropriate circuit. For similar items not having modular characteristics, see COMPARATOR, SIGNAL. RFQ
Oscillating Group 5865-00-111-4929 A collection of items, which when used with an electronic set provide facilities for a complete OSCILLATOR (1), CRYSTAL CONTROLLED OR OSCILLATOR (1) NON-CRYSTAL CONTROLLED. RFQ
Modulator,radio Transmitter 5865-00-111-4942 An electronic device which varies the amplitude phase or frequency of a carrier wave signal generated by a radio transmitter according to a pre-determined scheme. Excludes CODER, RADIO BEACON and KEYER, FREQUENCY SHIFT. RFQ
Jumper Strip 5865-00-111-6764 RFQ
Display Unit Assemb 5865-00-111-8266 RFQ