FSC 5865 Electronic Countermeasures, Counter-Countermeasures and Quick Reaction Capability Equipment

Name NSN Details  
Video Amplifier 5865-00-145-7777 RFQ
Generator,noise 5865-00-145-7784 RFQ
Resistor-Switch 5865-00-146-1779 RFQ
Resistor-Switch 5865-00-146-1780 RFQ
Resistor-Switch 5865-00-146-1781 RFQ
Plate,connector-Ins 5865-00-146-1782 RFQ
Readout Display 5865-00-146-5302 RFQ
Panel Assy,control 5865-00-146-5545 RFQ
Receiver,countermeasures 5865-00-147-1296 A receiver used to deprive the enemy of the effective use of his electronic equipment through position fixing, signal identification, deception, and jamming with resultant tactical advantage to our own operating forces. RFQ
Countermeasures Set 5865-00-148-5846 A complete electronic set (2) specifically designed to provide facilities for intercepting and analyzing electromagnetic energy propagated by a transmitter(s) and to provide a source of signal(s)that deprive the enemy effective use of electronic equipment. Excludes: COUNTERMEASURES SET, COMMUNICATION SATELLITE. RFQ
Modulator,counterme 5865-00-148-6124 RFQ
Programmer Assy 5865-00-148-7279 RFQ
Comparator Module,signal 5865-00-148-9780 An item specifically designed to correlate information from two or more signals when installed in an appropriate circuit. For similar items not having modular characteristics, see COMPARATOR, SIGNAL. RFQ
Retainer,cable 5865-00-149-7901 RFQ
Rod Assembly 5865-00-948-3430 RFQ
Rod Assembly 5865-00-948-3489 RFQ
Rod Assembly 5865-00-948-3541 RFQ
Rod Assembly 5865-00-948-3546 RFQ
Plate-Shaft 5865-00-948-3752 RFQ
Rod 5865-00-948-6877 RFQ