FSC 6340 Aircraft Alarm and Signal Systems

Includes Oxygen Pressure Signals and Warning Devices; such as Air Pressure Warning Signals, Aircraft Crew Warning Signals, Altitude Warning Signals, Alarm Controls, Audible Landing Gear Alarms. Excludes Aircraft Engine Oil and Fuel Warning Devices.

Name NSN Details  
Tool Proximity Adju 6340-01-522-6633 RFQ
Computer,warning,ground Proximity 6340-01-522-7932 A computer preprogrammed to determine the distance of an aircraft from the surface of the earth and warn the pilot with an audible alarm. See also COMPUTER, TERRAIN CLEARANCE. RFQ
Coil,boom Control V 6340-01-523-5795 RFQ
Motor,windshield Wi 6340-01-523-5796 RFQ
Switch,proximity,bo 6340-01-523-5797 RFQ
Switch,proximity,ca 6340-01-523-5798 RFQ
Valve,relief,fluid, 6340-01-523-5799 RFQ
Wearpad,2nd Stage,t 6340-01-523-5800 RFQ
Fuel Solenoid,aircr 6340-01-523-5809 RFQ
Fuel Pump,suntec,ai 6340-01-523-5801 RFQ
Cad Cell,aircraft,m 6340-01-523-5802 RFQ
Wearepad,base Boom, 6340-01-523-5803 RFQ
Wearpad,2nd Stage,b 6340-01-523-5804 RFQ
Alternator,aircraft 6340-01-523-5826 RFQ
Transducer,blower F 6340-01-523-5805 RFQ
Coil,pump Skid Cont 6340-01-523-5806 RFQ
Relay,finder,aircra 6340-01-523-5807 RFQ
Transducer,fuel Pre 6340-01-523-5808 RFQ
Transmitter,rtd Our 6340-01-523-5810 RFQ
Blower Motor,aircra 6340-01-523-5811 RFQ