FSC 6509 Drugs and Biologicals, Veterinary Use

Includes All Drugs, medicinal grade chemical, and Biologicals subject to the provisions of the Department of Agriculture (Veterinary Drugs and Biologicals) specifically formulated for Veterinary use. Other Nations may apply their own legal documents. Excludes Drugs and Biologicals specifically formulated for Human use classifiable in FSC 6505.

Name NSN Details  
Hemoglobin Glutamer 6509-01-505-9159 RFQ
Flunixin Meglumine Injection,veterinary 6509-01-530-3830 RFQ
Nitrofurazone Ointment,usp 6509-01-530-4523 RFQ
Cyclosporine Opthal 6509-01-530-4765 RFQ
Fenbendazole Granules,veterinary 6509-01-531-0960 RFQ
Butorphanol Tartrate Injection,veterinary 6509-01-531-0967 RFQ
Vitamin B Injection,veterinary 6509-01-531-2647 RFQ
Ivermectin Oral Sol 6509-01-558-9913 RFQ
Ivermectin Injection,veterinary 6509-01-562-9939 RFQ
Enrofloxacin Injection,veterinary 6509-01-565-5348 RFQ
Ear Cleanser,cat An 6509-01-572-9505 RFQ
Enrofloxacin Injection,veterinary 6509-01-578-7887 RFQ
Praziquantel And Pr 6509-01-579-3563 RFQ
Ivermectin Injection,veterinary 6509-01-579-9428 RFQ
Vitamin K1 Injectio 6509-01-580-3491 RFQ
Protamine Zinc Insu 6509-01-580-7339 RFQ
Ivermectin Oral Paste,veterinary 6509-01-583-7333 RFQ
Ear Skin Cleanser 6509-01-590-9038 RFQ
Maropitant Citrates 6509-01-590-9005 RFQ
Cefovecin Sodium,in 6509-01-590-9020 RFQ