FSC 6525 Imaging Equipment and Supplies: Medical, Dental, Veterinary

Includes Medical X-ray Film; Medical X-Ray Film Viewing Equipment; Medical X-Ray Film Processing and Finishing Equipment and Supplies; X-Ray Tubes; Computerized Tomography (CT) scanners and related equipment; Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine and related equipment; Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanners and related equipment; Computed and/or Direct Digital Radiography machines and related equipment; Ultrasound and Echocardiogram scanners and related equipment; Scintigraphy equipment; Medical Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) equipment; Medical Thermal Imaging equipment; Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) spectroscopy machines and related equipment; and imaging supplies and Contrast delivery systems that are not used by other medical disciplines. Excludes Industrial imaging equipment (X-ray, Thermal and the rest;) Supplies and equipment that can be used by other medical disciplines (See Medical and Surgical Instruments, Equipment and Supplies and Hospital and Surgical Clothing and related Special Purpose Items.)

Name NSN Details  
Probe,ultrasonic Unit,diagnostic,human 6525-01-503-4601 An item designed for use with an ULTRASONIC UNIT, DIAGNOSTIC, HUMAN. RFQ
Scanner,ultrasound,ophthalmic,diagnostic 6525-01-503-5073 An item designed to be used for visualization of eyeball structures and intraocular lens calculations. It may also be used in intraocular measurements and real time diagnostic imaging. RFQ
Imager,laser 6525-01-503-5149 RFQ
Imager,laser 6525-01-503-5150 RFQ
Battery,laser Image 6525-01-503-5151 RFQ
Conditioner,power 6525-01-503-5152 RFQ
External Ups 6525-01-503-5153 RFQ
Ups Upgrade Ext 6525-01-503-5155 RFQ
Filter,laser Imager 6525-01-503-5156 RFQ
Print Management Sy 6525-01-503-5161 RFQ
Print Management Sy 6525-01-503-5163 RFQ
Print Management Sy 6525-01-503-5164 RFQ
Print Management Sy 6525-01-503-5165 RFQ
Controller,network 6525-01-503-5166 RFQ
Cable,host Od 6525-01-503-5169 RFQ
Board,video Interfa 6525-01-503-5170 RFQ
Board,video Interfa 6525-01-503-5171 RFQ
Board,video Interfa 6525-01-503-5172 RFQ
Board,digital Inter 6525-01-503-5173 RFQ
Controller 6525-01-503-5174 RFQ