FSC 6550 In Vitro Diagnostic Substances, Reagents, Test Kits and Sets

Includes In vitro diagnostic aids, such as test tablets, test slides, test strips, test cards, test papers, test solutions, reagents; sets and kits designated for in vitro qualitative and quantitative tests on specimens, such as blood, urine, feces, and the like, for the purposes of aiding in the medical diagnosis of disease, determining body organ dysfunction, or other abnormal conditions. Excludes In vivo diagnostic substances classifiable in FSC 6505.

Name NSN Details  
Small Sample Cup 6550-01-502-8890 RFQ
Ibct Calibrator 6550-01-502-8886 RFQ
Chol Calibrator 6550-01-502-8887 RFQ
Ahdl Calibrator 6550-01-502-8888 RFQ
Ise Standart A 6550-01-502-8892 RFQ
Ise Standart C 6550-01-502-8893 RFQ
Test Panel,cardiac 6550-01-503-0972 RFQ
Test Kit,cannabinoid Detection 6550-01-503-1305 RFQ
Test Kit,barbiturates Detection 6550-01-503-1306 RFQ
Test Kit,cocaine Detection 6550-01-503-1307 RFQ
Test Kit,amphetamine Detection 6550-01-503-1308 RFQ
Test Kit,benzodiazepine Detection 6550-01-503-1310 RFQ
Blood Cell Staining Kit 6550-01-503-1978 RFQ
Test Slide,phenobarbital Determination 6550-01-503-2967 RFQ
Test Kit,c-Reactive Protein Determintion 6550-01-503-2966 RFQ
Test Kit,human Immunodeficiency Virus Enzyme Immunoassay Antibodies Detection 6550-01-503-3030 RFQ
Control Set,blood Chemistry 6550-01-503-3032 RFQ
Control Set,human Serum 6550-01-503-3075 RFQ
Acid Phosphatase Test Reagent 6550-01-503-3059 RFQ
Reference Standard Set,ammonia 6550-01-503-3060 RFQ