FSC 6610 Flight Instruments

Includes Air Speed Indicators; Rate of Climb Indicators; Bank and Turn Indicators; Pitot Tubes; Gyro Horizon Indicators; Attitude Gyro Indicators. Excludes Navigational Instruments (FSC 6605).

Name NSN Details  
Transducer,counting 6610-00-181-1746 RFQ
Transducer,counting 6610-00-181-1750 RFQ
Window Assembly 6610-00-181-1959 RFQ
Sphere Assy,indicat 6610-00-181-2124 RFQ
Computer Assy,air 6610-00-181-2184 RFQ
Plate Assy,indicato 6610-00-181-2382 RFQ
Accelerometer,mechanical 6610-00-181-2539 An accelerometer which is self-indicating. It may have minimum and maximum acceleration record pointers in addition to the instantaneous velocity rate change pointer. It may be equipped with an immediate acting manual reset provision to correlate the pointers in preparation for new readings. RFQ
Indicator,instrument Landing,airport Runway 6610-00-181-2542 An instrument which continuously displays the visual relationship between the free space position, or the variation angle in degrees, between the longitudinal axis of an aircraft and an airport runway, during the final approach phase of an instrument letdown procedure. RFQ
Gear Assy,anti Back 6610-01-543-2716 RFQ
Wheel And Hub Assem 6610-00-181-5368 RFQ
Wheel And Hub Assem 6610-00-181-5369 RFQ
Wheel Assembly,alti 6610-00-181-5414 RFQ
Wheel Assembly,alti 6610-00-181-5415 RFQ
Display Unit,flight Information 6610-01-541-2730 An indicator unit which processes flight data such as attitude, altitude, air speed, barametric pressure, and the like, and displays the results on a cathode ray tube, liquid crystal display or active matrix liquid crystal display. RFQ
Pitot Tube 6610-01-541-4002 A device used to measure the total pressure of a fluid stream. RFQ
Pitot Tube 6610-01-541-4000 A device used to measure the total pressure of a fluid stream. RFQ
Dispenser,bottle To 6610-01-541-3915 RFQ
Indicator,mach And True Air Speed 6610-00-182-7652 An indicator which displays the mach number range at indicated air speed changes in forward velocity and attitude. RFQ
Housing,indicator 6610-01-541-4448 RFQ
Indicator Ametek 6610-01-541-4464 RFQ