FSC 6610 Flight Instruments

Includes Air Speed Indicators; Rate of Climb Indicators; Bank and Turn Indicators; Pitot Tubes; Gyro Horizon Indicators; Attitude Gyro Indicators. Excludes Navigational Instruments (FSC 6605).

Name NSN Details  
Display Unit,flight Information 6610-01-601-1833 An indicator unit which processes flight data such as attitude, altitude, air speed, barametric pressure, and the like, and displays the results on a cathode ray tube, liquid crystal display or active matrix liquid crystal display. RFQ
Indicator,position 6610-00-477-6306 An instrument that displays the relative position of a remote movable structure. RFQ
Counter Assembly 6610-00-477-6689 RFQ
Indicator,vertical Velocity 6610-00-477-6691 An indicator which indicates the rate of an aircraft's ascent or descent. RFQ
Capsule Assembly 6610-00-477-6694 RFQ
Control-Display Unit 6610-01-601-3944 A component which performs the dual function of presenting visual information from other sources such as flight instruments and regulating the mode of operation of those sources. The item is essential for operation of the equipment. RFQ
Base Assembly 6610-00-478-2806 RFQ
Indicator,hover,nvg 6610-01-601-5019 RFQ
Indicator,vertical Velocity 6610-01-601-6249 An indicator which indicates the rate of an aircraft's ascent or descent. RFQ
Inclinometer,aircraft 6610-01-601-7648 A inclinometer, usually activated by gravity and usually graduated in degrees, which is used on an aircraft. RFQ
Generator,aural Ton 6610-00-480-6633 RFQ
Encoder Unit,altitu 6610-00-480-9436 RFQ
Panel,fuel Management 6610-01-602-2132 A panel which provides the controls and displays necessary to monitor fuel quantity and distribution. It is capable of directing the flow of fuel throughout the fuel system. RFQ
Altimeter,pressure 6610-01-600-5648 A barometric type instrument which measures altitude above a given datum plane when adjusted to the correct altimeter setting number. Excludes ALTIMETER, SURVEYING. RFQ
Lever,rocker 6610-01-602-3744 RFQ
Hard Case,shipping 6610-01-602-5382 RFQ
Spring,indicator 6610-00-482-5725 RFQ
Shield Assy,indicat 6610-00-482-5726 RFQ
Insulator And Eyele 6610-00-482-5727 RFQ
Computer,flight Director 6610-00-482-5746 An airborne analog computer used to combine signals from various navigational aids, gyroscopic controls, and landing systems in order to provide flight director steering signals to the pilot. Excludes COMPUTER, AIR NAVIGATION; COMPUTER, AZIMUTH; COMPUTER, COURSE-DISTANCE; COMPUTER, DESTINATION PRESET; and COMPUTER, HEADING. RFQ