FSC 6630 Chemical Analysis Instruments

Includes Acidity (pH) Meters; Gas Analyzers; Alakalinity Measuring Instruments; Colorimeters. Excludes Gas Detecting Equipment; Manual Gas Alarms; Chemicals; In Vitro Diagnostic Substances and Reagents.

Name NSN Details  
Analyzer,clinical Chemistry 6630-01-503-1266 A microprocessor based instrument incorporating more than one method of analysis such as colorimetric and potentiometric/ION selective or kinetic enzyme. It may be either a stand-alone unit or modular in design. For instruments which have only one method of analysis see ANALYZER, as modified. Excludes all instruments which employ a chromatographic method of analysis. RFQ
Titrator 6630-01-503-2561 An item used to automatically determine the chemical concentration of the substance by titrating. RFQ
Paper Roll,printer 6630-01-503-4839 RFQ
Ribbon Cartridge,pr 6630-01-503-4843 RFQ
Test Kit,ez Arsenic 6630-01-503-5934 RFQ
Electrode,partial Oxygen 6630-01-503-7240 RFQ
Electrode,chloride 6630-01-503-7648 RFQ
Test Pack,fluid Metering And Photometric Measuring Systems 6630-01-503-7656 RFQ
Analyzer,blood Glucose 6630-01-503-7657 An item designed for determination of glucose levels in blood samples. RFQ
Test Pack,fluid Metering And Photometric Measuring Systems 6630-01-503-7652 RFQ
Sample Loop Tube 6630-01-501-8469 RFQ
Viscosimeter,cup Type 6630-00-005-1580 An instrument that indicates viscosity of liquids by measuring the time a specific quantity of the liquid takes to flow through an orifice in the bottom of a cup-shaped container. The time to flow through the orifice can be converted to any of the standard units of viscosity by use of appropriate tables and/or graphs. RFQ
Printer,external Ro 6630-01-502-3757 RFQ
Wash Solution,clinical Chemistry Analyzer 6630-01-502-6348 A preparation used to remove dust and other matter. It may contain a disinfectant and may be used between test samples. RFQ
Reagent Set,hydrogen Ion Comparator 6630-01-504-0938 A collection of reagents in the form of crystals, tablets, capsules, or similar forms, in special size bottles, intended to be dissolved and diluted to form various solutions to be used with a hydrogen ion concentration comparator. RFQ
Flouride,reagent 6630-01-504-0939 RFQ
Cell,colorimeter 6630-01-504-0940 A square, rectangular or cylindrical, colorless glass or plastic container with or without cover. It is used to view solutions with a colorimeter either vertically or horizontally and is calibrated for a specific viewing depth. The square or rectangular cells may or may not have provision for a reduction plate to adjust the effective viewing depth. RFQ
Test Set,water Turbidity And Color 6630-01-504-1306 RFQ
Test Set,water Turbidity And Color 6630-01-504-1308 RFQ
Test Set,water Turbidity And Color 6630-01-504-1310 RFQ