FSC 6635 Physical Properties Testing and Inspection

Includes Destructive and Nondestructive Inspection Equipment such as Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Units; Magnetic Inspection Units; Industrial X-Ray Machines; Industrial X-Ray Film; Tensiometers; Material Hardness Testers. Excludes General Purpose Measuring Tools (FSC 5210) and Precision Measuring Tools and Inspection Gages (FSC 5220).

Name NSN Details  
Transducer,ultrasonic Test 6635-01-502-8625 An item designed to convert electrical signals into mechanical vibrations or ultrasound beams. These signals are passed through a material and are reflected and scattered by any discontinuities (flaws) back to the receiving unit where they are reconverted to electrical signals and amplified for processing on an indicator for interpretation. See also TRANSDUCER, SUPERSONIC TEST. RFQ
Gage Standard,probe 6635-01-502-9452 RFQ
Gage Standard,probe 6635-01-502-9537 RFQ
Radius,wedge,aircra 6635-01-503-0086 RFQ
Radius,wedge,aircra 6635-01-503-0109 RFQ
Radius,wedge,aircra 6635-01-503-0085 RFQ
Block,ultrason,airc 6635-01-503-0079 RFQ
Block,ultrason,airc 6635-01-503-0080 RFQ
Block,ultrason,airc 6635-01-503-0081 RFQ
Block,ultrason,airc 6635-01-503-0082 RFQ
Block,ultrason,airc 6635-01-503-0083 RFQ
Block,ultrason,airc 6635-01-503-0084 RFQ
Radius,wedge,aircra 6635-01-503-0087 RFQ
Radius,wedge,aircra 6635-01-503-0088 RFQ
Block,ultrason,airc 6635-01-503-0105 RFQ
Block,ultrason,airc 6635-01-503-0107 RFQ
Probe,eddy Current 6635-01-503-0094 An item with or without attaching cable designed to detect flaws, cracks and the like on surface or near surface metals. Establishes a magnetic field through the probe coil and locates the resulting magnetic disturbance in the item under test. Used in conjunction with DETECTOR, METAL FLAW, ELECTRONIC. Excludes PROD, TEST. RFQ
Block,ultrason,airc 6635-01-503-0103 RFQ
Block,ultrason,airc 6635-01-503-0104 RFQ
Block,ultrason,airc 6635-01-503-0106 RFQ