FSC 6640 Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

Includes Laboratory Glassware; Laboratory Funnels; Laboratory Furnaces; Glass Beads; Laboratory White Sand; Litmus Paper; Paper Filters; Insect Transfixion Pins; Laboratory Glass Wool; Laboratory Furniture, except Dental Laboratory. Excludes Instruments covered by other classes in group 66; Dental Laboratory Equipment; Laboratory Scales and Balances; In Vitro Diagnostic Substances and Reagents.

Name NSN Details  
Reagent,test Atp 6640-01-502-8793 RFQ
Reagent,epinephrine 6640-01-502-8778 RFQ
Reagent,adp Aggrega 6640-01-502-8784 RFQ
Ristocetin Cofactor 6640-01-502-8803 RFQ
Stir Bar 6640-01-502-8812 RFQ
Stir Bar 6640-01-502-8813 RFQ
Chemistry Cont.lev. 6640-01-502-8947 RFQ
Chemistry Cont.lev. 6640-01-502-8946 RFQ
Stand,biological Sa 6640-01-502-9943 RFQ
Hood,laminar Flow,laboratory 6640-01-503-0202 A laboratory furniture device consisting of high efficiency particulate air filter, fluorescent light source, and full cabinet or bench top designed to maintain particle free air environment. Consists of horizontal or vertical air flow. Excludes HOOD, FUME, LABORATORY. RFQ
Lid,anaerobic Culture Apparatus 6640-00-001-6670 An item generally consisting of a lid cover, clamp, catalyst reaction chamber, gasket, and thumbscrew used to seal an anaerobic jar in isolation and cultivation of anaerobic microorganisms. RFQ
Tube,specimen 6640-01-503-1876 An item consisting of a cylindrical shape with a cap used in the collection of samples. May be sterile and disposable. (Excludes TUBE, BIOLOGICAL CULTURE SAMPLING). RFQ
Jar,environmental 6640-01-503-4027 RFQ
Incubator,bacteriological 6640-01-503-6733 RFQ
Tube,biological Culture Sampling 6640-01-503-6896 An item designed for holding samples of biological cultures in laboratory and clinical procedures. May include applicator(s) and cap which has socket for applicator(s). Excludes TUBE, SPECIMEN. RFQ
Flask,culture 6640-01-503-6898 A vessel with an indentation on one side of its neck, and with two parallel flat walls. It is designed to contain culture medium when placed flat on its side in an incubator. RFQ
Cap,test Tube 6640-01-503-6899 Excludes CAP, SNAP-ON RFQ
Beaker,laboratory 6640-01-503-8264 An item used in the handling of chemicals in laboratory procedures. It may have limited graduations and a handle. For items graduated to closely determine specific liquid amounts, see GRADUATE, LIQUID, LABORATORY. RFQ
Ultraviolet Bulb,ge 6640-01-501-8366 RFQ
Test Paper,chlorine 6640-01-502-1866 RFQ