FSC 6640 Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

Includes Laboratory Glassware; Laboratory Funnels; Laboratory Furnaces; Glass Beads; Laboratory White Sand; Litmus Paper; Paper Filters; Insect Transfixion Pins; Laboratory Glass Wool; Laboratory Furniture, except Dental Laboratory. Excludes Instruments covered by other classes in group 66; Dental Laboratory Equipment; Laboratory Scales and Balances; In Vitro Diagnostic Substances and Reagents.

Name NSN Details  
Tip,pipet 6640-01-607-3383 A tapered tube-like accessory designed to be attached to the nose cone of a mechanical pipet. It is generally made of nonwetting material and is used to pick up and expel liquids with precision and accuracy during laboratory and clinical testing. RFQ
Incubator,bacteriological 6640-01-607-2071 RFQ
Bottle,dropper 6640-00-502-3550 A bottle with a closure containing a pipet dropper as an integral part thereof. The pipet dropper may be equipped with a rubber bulb. If with rubber bulb, the bulb may be an integral part of the closure. Excludes BOTTLE, APPLICATOR; BOTTLE, SCREW CAP; and BOTTLE, STOPPER. RFQ
Test Tube 6640-01-607-3410 A straight wall vessel with a flat or a round bottom for use in various laboratory procedures. It may have a side arm and a mouth designed to accommodate a stopper or a screw cap. Do not use if a more specific name is available. RFQ
Adapter,tube,calibr 6640-01-607-3297 RFQ
Adapter,tube,calibr 6640-01-607-3301 RFQ
Adapter,tube,calibr 6640-01-607-3315 RFQ
Tube,centrifuge 6640-01-607-3404 A vessel designed for use with a laboratory centrifuge. It may be graduated. RFQ
Slide,microscope 6640-01-607-5837 RFQ
Tube,centrifuge 6640-01-607-6432 A vessel designed for use with a laboratory centrifuge. It may be graduated. RFQ
Adapter,tube,calibr 6640-01-607-6645 RFQ
Tee,tube Adapter,ca 6640-01-607-6646 RFQ
Cleaner,ultrasonic 6640-01-607-9675 An electrical device designed to clean items by using ultrasonic pressure waves. It consists of an ultrasonic generator for ultrasonic scrubbing action, controls, and may have a stainless steel tank, a basket with or without a cover, and the like. It may also include a heating element and timer. Excludes DEGREASER; PARTS CLEANING CAN, SAFETY BENCH; and WASHING MACHINE LABORATORY. RFQ
Test Paper And Color Chart,ph 6640-01-607-9596 An item designed for determining hydrogen ion concentration of a liquid. Includes chemically treated sensitized test paper(s) and color comparison chart(s). The treated paper, after immersion and comparision with the color chart, indicates hydrogen ion concentration. Excludes LITHMUS PAPER, ACS. RFQ
Capillairies Column 6640-01-608-0552 RFQ
Bottle,screw Cap 6640-01-608-0611 A bottle, the neck of which is threaded to take a screw type closure of metal, plastic, or rubber. Excludes BOTTLE, CARBOY; BOTTLE (1), STOPPER; and CARBOY. RFQ
Tube,capillary,micro Pipet 6640-01-608-0967 An item, suitable for use in various laboratory studies, which comes in various dimensions and volumetric ranges. May be glass or plastic. Excludes TUBE, CAPILLARY, BLOOD SAMPLE; TUBE, CAPILLARY, CENTRIFUGE; and TUBE, CENTRIFUGE. RFQ
Calibrator,air Sampling 6640-01-608-1132 A primary calibration device used to provide digital readout of the pump flow rate, flow meters and flow sensor found in the calibration of sampling pumps. May be portable and battery operated. RFQ
Spatula,laboratory 6640-01-608-1305 A device consisting of a handle with a blade on one or both ends or with a blade on one end and a spoon on the other, made of porcelain, metal, or other material resistant to chemical attack. It is used to spread, mix, or convey powders or semi-solid materials. Excludes SPATULA. RFQ
Dispenser,pipette 6640-01-608-1306 A fitted item with special tips which can be calibrated to provide measured amounts of liquids in increments of 1 ml; used for oil analysis and sampling. RFQ