FSC 6665 Hazard-Detecting Instruments and Apparatus

Includes Radiac Equipment; Gas Detecting Equipment; Land Mine Detecting Equipment. Excludes Manual Gas Alarms (FSC 6350).

Name NSN Details  
Pull Bar 6665-01-586-2533 RFQ
Power Input,cca 6665-01-586-2535 RFQ
Sampling Kit,cbr Agent 6665-01-586-7678 A group of various items that may include scoops, applicators, vials, bottle and swab, radiation marker tags, etc., designed to collect specimens of material(s) suspected of chemical, biological, or radiological contamination. Does not include items for analysis and identification. RFQ
Probe,radiac 6665-01-586-7720 An item designed to house and position a Geiger-Mueller or neutron ray counter type ELECTRON, TUBE. It may include a preamplifier(s) and associated cable(s). RFQ
Chip Measurement Sy 6665-01-586-7956 RFQ
Tester,flow,posi-Ch 6665-01-586-7975 RFQ
Test Set,calibration,hydrogen Detector 6665-01-586-8049 A collection of items, which is not capable of performing a complete operational function by itself, but which when connected to a flask of hydrogen provides facilities for verifying the original calibration of hydrogen detectors at the time of installation, and at periodic intervals thereafter. RFQ
Indicator,carbon Monoxide 6665-01-586-8185 An item which visually indicates the concentration of carbon monoxide gas in the air. See also DETECTOR KIT, CARBON MONOXIDE, COLORIMETRIC. RFQ
Detector,chemical Agent,automatic 6665-01-586-8286 A device that automatically detects, identifies, records and reports the class of chemical warfare agent and/or toxic industrial chemicals. It is portable, small and of rugged construction, for individual use. It may be hand held. Excludes DETECTOR, CHEMICAL AGENT; ALARM, CHEMICAL AGENT, AUTOMATIC. RFQ
Lock,detector 6665-01-586-8289 RFQ
Detector Kit,gas 6665-01-586-8839 A collection of chemical materials and testing equipment for the purpose of determining the presence and identity of hazardous gases. RFQ
Pouch,chemical Agen 6665-01-587-0530 RFQ
Calibration Gas Kit 6665-01-587-0650 RFQ
Indicator,radiac 6665-01-587-0702 An item designed to display radioactivity detection and/or indentification data. RFQ
Bag,field Protectio 6665-01-587-1029 RFQ
Cable,special,multi 6665-01-587-1038 RFQ
Cable,indicator,rad 6665-01-587-1045 RFQ
Adapter,indicator,r 6665-01-587-1068 RFQ
Case,storage And Tr 6665-01-587-1085 RFQ
Inlet Plenum Assemb 6665-01-587-1116 RFQ