FSC 6720 Cameras, Still Picture

Includes Aerial, Mapping, Microfilm, Photocopy, and Studio Cameras. Excludes X-Ray Cameras (FSC 6525), and Industrial X-Ray Machine (FSC 6635).

Name NSN Details  
Cover Assembly,top, 6720-00-030-8049 RFQ
Ratchet,coupling 6720-00-030-8133 RFQ
Camera Subassembly 6720-00-030-8058 Two or more different types of items, having a common mounting or mounted on each other, which together form a portion of a camera, but which in itself is not a complete functioning item and cannot be assigned a more definite name. RFQ
Spring Assembly,ine 6720-00-030-8149 RFQ
Pendant Assembly,ca 6720-00-030-8117 RFQ
Pivot,counter Gear 6720-00-030-8121 RFQ
Pivot,inertia Wheel 6720-00-030-8123 RFQ
Plate,latch 6720-00-030-8129 RFQ
Plate,magazine Reta 6720-00-030-8131 RFQ
Shaft Assembly 6720-00-030-8677 RFQ
Latch Assembly,cam 6720-00-030-8679 RFQ
Pawl Assembly 6720-00-030-8678 RFQ
Counter Assembly 6720-00-030-8644 RFQ
Shaft Assembly 6720-00-030-8680 RFQ
Pallet 6720-00-030-8840 RFQ
Link Asy 6720-00-030-8879 RFQ
Lock Assembly 6720-00-030-8768 RFQ
Shaft Assembly 6720-00-030-8777 RFQ
Segment Asy 6720-00-030-9086 RFQ
Cam Asy 6720-00-030-8880 RFQ