FSC 6740 Photographic Developing and Finishing Equipment

Includes Editing Equipment; Enlargers; Driers; Pressers; Printers; Washers.

Name NSN Details  
Handle,photographic 6740-01-503-5299 RFQ
Gear Rack,schutter 6740-01-503-5318 RFQ
Temperature Control Unit,photographic Processing 6740-01-503-5296 A cabinet type cooling and/or heating unit, thermostatically controlled, designed to maintain proper photographic processing temperatures of water bath and/or chemical solutions. The cabinet may contain a water tank into which processing trays or tanks may be immersed. False bottom trays through which water is circulated may also be included. RFQ
Drive,motor 6740-01-503-5298 RFQ
Spring,plunger 6740-01-503-5304 RFQ
Handle,photographic 6740-01-503-5319 RFQ
Latch,door,photogra 6740-01-503-5320 RFQ
Adapter Assy,magazi 6740-01-503-5321 RFQ
Roller,idler 6740-01-503-5322 RFQ
Roller,drive 6740-01-503-5324 RFQ
Bracket,stay 6740-01-503-5326 RFQ
Stay,photographic 6740-01-503-5327 RFQ
Stay,photographic 6740-01-503-5343 RFQ
Shaft,spool 6740-01-503-5349 RFQ
Disk,photographic 6740-01-503-5362 RFQ
Shaft,spool 6740-01-503-5358 RFQ
Shaft,spool 6740-01-503-5359 RFQ
Dowell,photographic 6740-01-503-5375 RFQ
Plate,shelf Skid 6740-01-503-5376 RFQ
Spring,side Shaft 6740-01-503-5379 RFQ