FSC 6830 Gases: Compressed and Liquefied

Includes Fuel Gases. Excludes Military Chemical Gases; Medical Gases; Empty Gas Cylinders and their caps, valves, and valve spare parts.

Name NSN Details  
Hexafluoropropane 6830-01-504-1203 RFQ
Calibration Gas 6830-01-504-8228 RFQ
Calibration Gas 6830-01-504-8229 RFQ
Calibration Gas 6830-01-504-8230 RFQ
Calibration Gas 6830-01-504-8232 RFQ
Hexafluoropropane 6830-01-505-4710 RFQ
Hexafluopropane 6830-01-505-5196 RFQ
Hexafluopropane 6830-01-505-5206 RFQ
Hexafluopropane 6830-01-505-5239 RFQ
Tetrafluoroethane,technical 6830-01-507-7097 Refrigerant, R-134A RFQ
Compressed Air,breathing 6830-01-508-3003 Air that is used exclusively for human respiration. RFQ
Nitrogen,technical 6830-01-508-3005 RFQ
Helium,technical 6830-01-508-3007 RFQ
Compressed Air,breathing 6830-01-508-3009 Air that is used exclusively for human respiration. RFQ
Argon,technical 6830-01-508-3027 RFQ
Argon,technical 6830-01-508-3028 RFQ
Hydrogen,technical 6830-01-508-3030 RFQ
Argon,technical 6830-01-508-3031 RFQ
Argon,technical 6830-01-508-3032 RFQ
Oxygen,technical 6830-01-508-3050 RFQ