FSC 6910 Training Aids

Includes Mockups; Cutaway Models; Scale Models; Training Films; Training Aid Maps; Navigational Training Aids; Flight Instrument Training Aids; Aircraft Instrument Training Aids; Vehicle Training Aids; Engine Instrument Training Aids; Hydraulic System Training Aids; Cutaway, Mockup, or Sectionalized Ammunition only; Training Equipment normally used in classroom training. Excludes Drill, Dummy, Exercise, Practice, or Simulated Ammunition and Weapons.

Name NSN Details  
Training Aid,automatic Flight Control Electronic System 6910-00-113-2136 A training aid designed for use in instructing mechanics in maintenance, and pilots and bombardiers in operational procedure of Automatic Flight Control Equipment. RFQ
Training Aid,lofagr 6910-00-123-2168 RFQ
Slides,flight Physi 6910-00-123-2169 RFQ
Training Aid,wavegu 6910-00-123-8111 RFQ
Card Set,aircraft R 6910-00-125-9278 RFQ
Training Aid,radar 6910-00-134-0205 A training aid designed for instruction in the operation and function of radar. RFQ
Charts,slight Psych 6910-00-134-0242 RFQ
Training Aid,aircraft Brake System 6910-00-135-5625 A training aid designed for instruction in the operation and function of aircraft brake system. RFQ
Training Aid,power 6910-00-137-0251 RFQ
Training Aid,light 6910-00-137-0252 RFQ
Training Aid,power 6910-00-137-0253 RFQ
Training Aid,fuel S 6910-00-137-0254 RFQ
Training Aid,flight 6910-00-137-0255 RFQ
Training Aid,heatin 6910-00-137-0256 RFQ
Training Aid,landin 6910-00-137-0257 RFQ
Training Aid,hydrau 6910-00-137-0258 RFQ
Training Aid,transm 6910-00-137-0259 RFQ
Training Aid,engine 6910-00-137-0260 RFQ
Map Bible Set 6910-00-138-9838 RFQ
Training Aid,skin D 6910-00-148-7011 RFQ