FSC 6910 Training Aids

Includes Mockups; Cutaway Models; Scale Models; Training Films; Training Aid Maps; Navigational Training Aids; Flight Instrument Training Aids; Aircraft Instrument Training Aids; Vehicle Training Aids; Engine Instrument Training Aids; Hydraulic System Training Aids; Cutaway, Mockup, or Sectionalized Ammunition only; Training Equipment normally used in classroom training. Excludes Drill, Dummy, Exercise, Practice, or Simulated Ammunition and Weapons.

Name NSN Details  
Brass Pattern Mm22 6910-00-591-2187 RFQ
Training Aid,aerody 6910-00-608-7135 RFQ
Training Aid,channe 6910-00-608-7137 RFQ
Grenade,dummy 6910-00-609-3407 RFQ
Animated Transparen 6910-00-609-9749 RFQ
Training Aid,high P 6910-00-626-7464 RFQ
Animated Transparen 6910-00-629-8163 RFQ
Record Set,tape 6910-00-629-8157 Two or more related tape records. RFQ
Model,aircraft 6910-00-663-0120 A facsimile or replica of an aircraft embodying its superficial characteristics and proportional dimensions. It is used for recognition teaching. Excludes MODEL SET, AIRCRAFT. RFQ
Training Aid,mine Fuze,russian 6910-00-663-0816 A training aid used to familiarize personnel with Russian type mine fuzes. RFQ
Training Aid,mine Fuze,russian 6910-00-664-5643 A training aid used to familiarize personnel with Russian type mine fuzes. RFQ
Record Set,disk 6910-00-664-5248 RFQ
Training Aid,ships 6910-00-665-1591 RFQ
Training Aid,waveog 6910-00-656-6930 RFQ
Training Aid,electr 6910-00-658-0654 RFQ
Training Aid,weapon 6910-00-658-8889 RFQ
Training Aid,instru 6910-00-658-8891 RFQ
Animated Transparen 6910-00-679-1143 RFQ
Record Set,disc 6910-00-679-5942 RFQ
Transparencies,infr 6910-00-673-1624 RFQ