FSC 6910 Training Aids

Includes Mockups; Cutaway Models; Scale Models; Training Films; Training Aid Maps; Navigational Training Aids; Flight Instrument Training Aids; Aircraft Instrument Training Aids; Vehicle Training Aids; Engine Instrument Training Aids; Hydraulic System Training Aids; Cutaway, Mockup, or Sectionalized Ammunition only; Training Equipment normally used in classroom training. Excludes Drill, Dummy, Exercise, Practice, or Simulated Ammunition and Weapons.

Name NSN Details  
Training Aid,electronic Circuit 6910-01-131-6061 A training aid designed to demonstrate theory, operation, and principles of typical electronic items and basic circuits. RFQ
Training Aid,aircraft Electrical System 6910-01-133-8952 A training aid designed for instruction in the operation and function of aircraft electrical system. RFQ
Control Unit,materi 6910-01-145-3798 RFQ
Training Set,instructional 6910-01-367-8380 An item or collection of items designed to teach the student through the use of programmed lessons. They may be self-paced and contain items such as viewers, head phones, phono cartridges, lesson cards and the like. RFQ
Trainer,bomb-Naviga 6910-01-150-2072 RFQ
M1 Turret Trainer A 6910-01-150-4761 RFQ
Training Equipment, 6910-01-153-2015 RFQ
Panel Assembly,m1 T 6910-01-151-7774 RFQ
Panel Assembly,bclr 6910-01-151-7775 RFQ
Panel Assembly,m1 T 6910-01-151-7776 RFQ
Panel Assembly,tran 6910-01-151-7777 RFQ
Panel Assembly,engi 6910-01-151-7778 RFQ
Panel Assembly,hull 6910-01-151-7779 RFQ
Training Aid,fire A 6910-01-156-9622 RFQ
Simulator,aircraft 6910-01-163-7407 An item which, by controlled movement, reproduces the characteristics of an aircraft in flight on a map or plotting board. RFQ
Test Lung,respirato 6910-01-167-6641 RFQ
Chart 6910-01-170-3365 A sheet or plate giving printed information in tabular and/or graphic form. It is not intended for, neither does it have provisions for, recording additional information thereon. Excludes maps; CHART, RECORDING INSTRUMENT; PLATE, INSTRUCTION; and SHEET, TECHNICAL. RFQ
Simulator,electrica 6910-01-171-0815 RFQ
Panel,simulation,ds 6910-01-173-9144 RFQ
Panel,simulation,we 6910-01-173-9142 RFQ