FSC 6920 Armament Training Devices

Includes Bombing Trainers; Gunnery Trainers; Tow Targets; Gunnery Targets; Guided Missile Training Sets. Excludes Target Drones; Drones for such use as training, surveillance, missile evaluation, and photographic reconnaissance; Atomic Ordnance Training Devices; Training Aids; Drill, Dummy, Exercise, Practice, or Simulated Ammunition and Weapons.

Name NSN Details  
Target Holding Mechanism,trainfire 6920-01-502-9640 A device capable of lowering a target used for training and consisting of a mannequin or silhouette depiction of a person as the result of the impact of a bullet fired from a hand held weapon. It is also capable of being raised or lowered by remote control. Excludes TARGET HOLDING MECHANISM, TANK GUNNERY, and TARGET HOLDING SET, TRAINING. RFQ
Target,boresighting 6920-01-502-9799 A paper, plastic and/or metal item of square or rectangular shape designed as an aiming point to be used in bore sighting a gun to bring the axis of the barrel of a spotting pistol, spotting rifle, subcaliber rifle and/or telescope sight(s) into coaxial alignment with the center line of a cannon tube or artillery trainer barrel. It usually consists of a series of quartered circles printed on a white background with alternate quadrants printed in black. Crosses, center lines and other appropiate sighting marks may also be included. RFQ
Simulator,guided Missile Test Set 6920-01-503-4567 An item designed to simulate the electrical and physical characteristics of a guided missile test set. RFQ
Main Gun Simulator 6920-01-502-2502 RFQ
Dir Indir Fire Cue 6920-01-502-2513 RFQ
Trainer,test Device,guided Missile 6920-01-504-3760 A trainer designed to instruct student operation in the various operations and functions of the Missile Monitor Test Device. The trainer simulates test responses from the tactical Army Missile/Launch Pod Assemblies (M/LPA). It contains an electronics package and ballast material to emulate weight nd center of gravity of a loaded tactical M/LPA. RFQ
Tow Itas Bst 6920-01-505-1557 RFQ
Debriefing System 6920-01-506-6057 RFQ
Debriefing System 6920-01-506-6059 RFQ
Rear Audio Video Gr 6920-01-506-7428 RFQ
Simulator,small Arms Fire 6920-01-506-7426 A mechanical or pyrotechnic device designed to simulate the flash, smoke, and/or sound of small arms fire. RFQ
Rtp Pws Assembly 6920-01-506-7425 RFQ
Barco Projector 6920-01-506-7430 RFQ
Control Station 6920-01-506-7431 RFQ
Hit Camera Modules 6920-01-506-7432 RFQ
Front Weapon 6920-01-506-7903 RFQ
Bats Uo 6920-01-508-2488 RFQ
L-Bats 6920-01-508-2489 RFQ
Target,tow 6920-00-029-9331 RFQ
Front,panel 6920-01-508-5850 RFQ