FSC 6930 Operation Training Devices

Includes Link Trainers; Automatic Pilot Training Devices; Drift Meter Training Devices; Celestial Navigation Trainers; Dead Reckoning Navigation Trainers; Instrument Flying and Landing Trainers; Terrain Projection Trainers; All operational training devices except communication and armament. Excludes Training Aids.

Name NSN Details  
Coupling Assy 6930-00-480-2900 RFQ
Disc Friction 6930-00-480-2963 RFQ
Drum Assy,number 1 6930-00-480-2976 RFQ
Drum Assy,number 1 6930-00-480-2979 RFQ
Drum Assy,number 1 6930-00-480-2983 RFQ
Drum Assy,number 2 6930-00-480-2993 RFQ
Drum Assy 6930-00-480-3003 RFQ
Drum Assy,number 3 6930-00-480-3006 RFQ
Drum-Resistance Ass 6930-00-480-3010 RFQ
Drum Assy,number 3 6930-00-480-3011 RFQ
Drum Assy,number 4 6930-00-480-3020 RFQ
Gear-Air Speed 6930-00-480-3088 RFQ
Gear-Spur 6930-00-480-3155 RFQ
Gear-Spur 6930-00-480-3156 RFQ
Indicator,simulated 6930-00-480-3241 RFQ
Pen Radio Aids 6930-00-480-3513 RFQ
Motor,ac 6930-00-480-3763 RFQ
Altimeter,pressure, 6930-00-471-9674 RFQ
Gearhead Assembly 6930-00-481-4686 RFQ
Indicator,distance 6930-00-482-9720 An indicator for the direct display of the spacing between two or more points or objects, such as aircraft or ships, in scalar values, such as feet, yards, miles, and the like. RFQ