FSC 7360 Sets, Kits, Outfits and Modules, Food Preperation and Serving

Name NSN Details  
Dining Packet 7360-01-509-3586 A package containing utensils for dining, drinking tube, and napkin or any combination thereof. It may also contain sugar and/or condiments. It is intended for one time use. For packet containing only sugar and/or condiments, see CONDIMENT PACKET. RFQ
Field Kitchen Exhau 7360-01-510-3974 RFQ
Kitchen,field,food Preparation Module 7360-01-513-7311 A combination of various kitchen utensils and equipment required for the preparation and short term storage of food before final processing. May be installed in a cabin or under a tent and forms a part of a field kitchen intended for larger troop formations. RFQ
Field Kitchen Spek 7360-01-514-1413 RFQ
Tray Ratio Heater 7360-01-514-1420 RFQ
Power Cord 7360-01-514-1432 RFQ
Sanitation Unit 7360-01-514-1436 RFQ
Burner Maint Kit 7360-01-514-1440 RFQ
Spek Outfit Kitchen 7360-01-514-1442 RFQ
Parts Kit,tiedown R 7360-01-516-0963 RFQ
Food Transporter,in 7360-01-517-4378 RFQ
Food Transporter,in 7360-01-517-4826 RFQ
Food Transporter,in 7360-01-517-4838 RFQ
Food Transporter,in 7360-01-517-4839 RFQ
Food Transporter,in 7360-01-517-4835 RFQ
Food Transporter,in 7360-01-517-4843 RFQ
Food Transporter,in 7360-01-517-4845 RFQ
Food Transporter,in 7360-01-517-4847 RFQ
Cover,pan Food Tran 7360-01-517-4865 RFQ
Cover,pan Food Tran 7360-01-517-4867 RFQ