FSC 7430 Typewriters and Office Type Composing Machines

Includes Typewriters and office type composing machines with built-in electric/electronic functions such as margins, headings, tabs, centering and related actions. Excludes Typewriters and office type composing machines which are designed primarily for use as a component of an ADPE system or that are user programmable, and that can be applied to a variety of applications by the internal execution of a series of instructions, not limited to specific keystroke functions, but controlled by some form of general purpose data processing language.

Name NSN Details  
Electro Writer 7430-00-560-8811 RFQ
Paper Table 7430-00-564-0802 RFQ
Arm And Pawl Assemb 7430-00-586-6303 RFQ
Word Processor,sele 7430-00-597-7643 RFQ
Shield,acoustical 7430-00-597-7626 RFQ
Typewriter-Punch-Reader,tape 7430-00-605-9967 An electric typewriter with an integral punch unit, or synchronized with a punch unit, which produces punched tape as a by-product of the typing operation and reads the punched tape for automatic operation of units actuated by punched paper tape. RFQ
Composing Machine,photo Printing Type 7430-00-619-8318 A unit into which is placed a disk font having letters, numerals, characters and punctuation marks imprinted thereon, as on a photographic negative. The disk is turned by a knob to bring the desired character into position for printing. An exposure button is pressed and a positive of the character is reproduced on a photosensitized paper tape which is developed and fixed automatically. The tape may then be pasted onto copy to act as a display and the like. RFQ
Composing Machine,changeable Type-Plate Style 7430-00-619-8323 A typewriter-like machine on which a variety of changeable print-style type and sizes may be used for the preparation of stencils and master copy for duplicating, photostating, blueprinting and offset printing. RFQ
Spring 7430-00-626-7099 RFQ
Screw 7430-00-626-7119 RFQ
Spring 7430-00-626-7127 RFQ
Nut 7430-00-626-7043 RFQ
Roll 7430-00-626-7062 RFQ
Screw 7430-00-626-7079 RFQ
Foot 7430-00-626-7080 RFQ
Hook 7430-00-626-7091 RFQ
Stud 7430-00-626-7098 RFQ
Blade 7430-00-626-7141 RFQ
Dog,mechanical 7430-00-626-7149 RFQ
Typewriter 7430-00-634-5062 An electrically or manually operated writing machine having a hand actuated keyboard, designed to reproduce letter(s), number(s), and/or symbol(s) similar to those produced by printer's type. When the keys are actuated, the type is pressed against an inked ribbon or carbon tape, making the impression. RFQ