FSC 7430 Typewriters and Office Type Composing Machines

Includes Typewriters and office type composing machines with built-in electric/electronic functions such as margins, headings, tabs, centering and related actions. Excludes Typewriters and office type composing machines which are designed primarily for use as a component of an ADPE system or that are user programmable, and that can be applied to a variety of applications by the internal execution of a series of instructions, not limited to specific keystroke functions, but controlled by some form of general purpose data processing language.

Name NSN Details  
Typewriter 7430-01-055-1040 An electrically or manually operated writing machine having a hand actuated keyboard, designed to reproduce letter(s), number(s), and/or symbol(s) similar to those produced by printer's type. When the keys are actuated, the type is pressed against an inked ribbon or carbon tape, making the impression. RFQ
Printwheel,typing 7430-01-072-2967 RFQ
Typewriter,electron 7430-01-081-1413 RFQ
Albumn,typing Eleme 7430-01-222-8069 RFQ
Cartridge,lettering 7430-01-313-7371 RFQ