FSC 7740 Phonograph Records

Excludes Training Aid Records.

Name NSN Details  
Recorder Mtt 2 7740-01-605-1968 RFQ
Album,disk Record 7740-00-498-2275 RFQ
Album,disk Record 7740-00-498-2274 RFQ
Actuator Assembly 7740-00-988-8212 RFQ
Jacket,record Album 7740-01-073-1270 RFQ
Holder,album 7740-01-153-1197 RFQ
Record,tape 7740-01-222-6100 An item upon which intelligence has been recorded and from which it can be reproduced. The medium is in the form of a thin, flexible, narrow strip of material. RFQ
Record,disk 7740-01-373-5871 A flat, circular item, rigid or flexible, upon which audio intelligence has been inscribed and can be reproduced. RFQ