FSC 7810 Athletic and Sporting Equipment

Includes Baseball Equipment; Basketballs; Boxing Gloves; Fencing Masks; Fishing Tackle, except Commercial; Handballs; Shin Guards, Hockey. Excludes Athletic and Sports Clothing.

Name NSN Details  
Net,snare 7810-01-522-4231 A net with an opening held by a ring. The item is mounted on a stick and designed to catch insects out of the air or fish or flotsam out of water or other liquids. Excludes NET (1), MULTI-PURPOSE. RFQ
Racket,tennis 7810-01-537-7597 RFQ
Ball,tennis 7810-01-537-7598 RFQ
Cover,tennis Racket 7810-01-537-7600 RFQ
Volleyball 7810-01-542-4782 RFQ
Fitness-Gps System 7810-01-546-3847 RFQ
Crossover,cable,tra 7810-01-554-8035 RFQ
Personal Trainer,gp 7810-01-556-3045 RFQ
Line,fishing 7810-01-558-8748 Excludes LINE, LEADER, FISHING. RFQ
Vane,arrow 7810-01-565-8230 RFQ
Stick,hockey 7810-01-565-9842 RFQ
Mat,martial Arts 7810-01-571-4668 An item used to practice martial arts. Individual mats may be placed side by side to form a tatami. Excludes MAT, GYMNASIUM. RFQ
Stringing Machine,r 7810-01-572-0781 RFQ
Bag,training,boxer's 7810-01-572-2110 RFQ
Guard,head,fighting Sports 7810-01-572-2111 A cushioning, padding, or covering item which protects the wearer?s head from impact. It may have such features as a face protector (which may be similar to a grid or cage), a visor, a padded top, and the like. RFQ
Fishhook 7810-01-572-6696 RFQ
Volleyball 7810-01-573-0339 RFQ
Ball,tennis 7810-01-573-0340 RFQ
Disc,frisbee 7810-01-573-3262 RFQ
Ball,tennis 7810-01-578-0477 RFQ