FSC 7830 Recreational and Gymnastic Equipment

Includes Slides; Swings; Amusement Park and Shooting Gallery Equipment; Play Yard and Playground Equipment; Billiard and Pool Tables and Equipment; Gymnasium Equipment.

Name NSN Details  
Rack,bicycle 7830-01-017-1657 A stand designed to hold bicycles securely in an upright accessible position. Not designed as a vehicular attachment. RFQ
Slide,playground 7830-01-025-1629 RFQ
Hockey Table 7830-01-029-6334 RFQ
Mat,gymnasium 7830-01-044-7199 RFQ
Jogger,portable 7830-01-053-8887 RFQ
Jogger,portable 7830-01-053-8888 RFQ
Tip,cue 7830-01-057-1262 A small round-shaped and crowned accessory item, usually of leather material, which attaches by means of slip-on, screw-on, or glue-on method(s) to the tapered end of a billard/pool stick. RFQ
Pool Table,bumper 7830-01-055-2681 RFQ
Mat,gymnasium 7830-01-055-3420 RFQ
Table,sand And Wate 7830-01-055-6118 RFQ
Mat,gymnasium 7830-01-057-1894 RFQ
Cue,billard 7830-01-057-3578 RFQ
Tire And Rim Assemb 7830-01-058-0201 RFQ
Center Chute Assemb 7830-01-058-0202 RFQ
Curl And Press Bar 7830-01-055-8565 RFQ
Scissor Pad,bowling 7830-01-068-5651 RFQ
Trampoline 7830-01-069-3020 RFQ
Bench,park 7830-01-071-3665 RFQ
Mat,rifle Range 7830-01-067-6181 RFQ
Horse,gymnasium 7830-01-073-9866 An apparatus shaped somewhat like a small horse or a short, thick block, the body of which is padded and covered with leather. It is used for vaulting. RFQ