FSC 7830 Recreational and Gymnastic Equipment

Includes Slides; Swings; Amusement Park and Shooting Gallery Equipment; Play Yard and Playground Equipment; Billiard and Pool Tables and Equipment; Gymnasium Equipment.

Name NSN Details  
Horse,gymnasium 7830-01-073-9867 An apparatus shaped somewhat like a small horse or a short, thick block, the body of which is padded and covered with leather. It is used for vaulting. RFQ
Pivot,bowling Machi 7830-01-074-5840 RFQ
Tension Spring,bowl 7830-01-074-5842 RFQ
Medicine Ball 7830-01-075-0769 RFQ
Cart,athletic Equip 7830-01-075-3770 RFQ
Stand,gymnastic Cha 7830-01-075-3771 RFQ
Rings,flying,gymnas 7830-01-078-5671 RFQ
Chest Weights,gymnastic 7830-01-078-5672 RFQ
Mat,gymnasium 7830-01-078-5673 RFQ
Tip,cue 7830-01-078-5681 A small round-shaped and crowned accessory item, usually of leather material, which attaches by means of slip-on, screw-on, or glue-on method(s) to the tapered end of a billard/pool stick. RFQ
Swing Bridge Climbe 7830-01-079-9297 RFQ
Rope,tug-Of-War 7830-01-081-5711 RFQ
Table,picnic 7830-01-082-6445 RFQ
Circle,discus 7830-01-082-8433 RFQ
Beat Board,gymnasti 7830-01-083-2920 RFQ
Beat Board,gymnasti 7830-01-083-2921 RFQ
Swing,baby 7830-01-083-7896 RFQ
Toeboard,shot Put 7830-01-083-7897 RFQ
Dumbbell,gymnastic 7830-01-083-9826 RFQ
Bench,weightlifter 7830-01-083-9299 RFQ