FSC 7830 Recreational and Gymnastic Equipment

Includes Slides; Swings; Amusement Park and Shooting Gallery Equipment; Play Yard and Playground Equipment; Billiard and Pool Tables and Equipment; Gymnasium Equipment.

Name NSN Details  
Arm Curl Machine 7830-01-123-8951 RFQ
Vaulting Box 7830-01-123-8938 RFQ
Billiard Ball Set 7830-01-123-8932 RFQ
Billiard Ball Set 7830-01-123-8933 RFQ
Vaulting Box 7830-01-123-8937 RFQ
Table,picnic 7830-01-127-1943 RFQ
Mat,wrestling 7830-01-127-4181 RFQ
Table,picnic 7830-01-127-6874 RFQ
Strip,metallic Fenc 7830-01-135-7120 RFQ
Fencing,strip 7830-01-153-7699 RFQ
Super Pullover Mach 7830-01-155-3230 RFQ
Horse,gymnasium 7830-01-152-2890 An apparatus shaped somewhat like a small horse or a short, thick block, the body of which is padded and covered with leather. It is used for vaulting. RFQ
Rotary Torso Machin 7830-01-157-5363 RFQ
Rowing Torso Machin 7830-01-157-5366 RFQ
Torso Arm Machine 7830-01-157-5374 RFQ
Multi-Exercise Mach 7830-01-157-5375 RFQ
Hip Abduction Machi 7830-01-158-4702 RFQ
Duo Hip,back Machin 7830-01-158-4703 RFQ
Overhead Suspension 7830-01-159-6937 RFQ
Field Course,exerci 7830-01-168-0068 RFQ