FSC 7830 Recreational and Gymnastic Equipment

Includes Slides; Swings; Amusement Park and Shooting Gallery Equipment; Play Yard and Playground Equipment; Billiard and Pool Tables and Equipment; Gymnasium Equipment.

Name NSN Details  
Shoulder Press 7830-01-553-6003 RFQ
Shrug And Deadlift 7830-01-553-6005 RFQ
Fitness Equipment A 7830-01-553-6393 RFQ
Station,pullover 7830-01-554-2734 RFQ
Station,life Fitnes 7830-01-554-2702 RFQ
Station,life Fit 7830-01-554-2731 RFQ
Fitness Equipment A 7830-01-553-6389 RFQ
Fitness Equipment A 7830-01-553-6392 RFQ
Exercise Machine,stationary Bicycle 7830-01-553-6816 An item which may be solely muscle powered or have various electronic or computer devices to control and measure exercise output. It has one wheel or the equivalent. RFQ
Rowing Machine 7830-01-553-8026 RFQ
Unilateral Lat Pull 7830-01-556-7438 RFQ
Unilateral Low Row 7830-01-556-7439 RFQ
Exercise Rack,poliq 7830-01-557-4680 RFQ
Crosstrainer,ellipt 7830-01-559-5964 RFQ
Exerciser,arm,gymnastic 7830-01-560-1505 RFQ
Dumbbell,gymnastic 7830-01-560-7824 RFQ
Dumbbell,gymnastic 7830-01-560-7825 RFQ
Dumbbell,gymnastic 7830-01-560-7821 RFQ
Exerciser,climber 7830-01-560-3181 RFQ
Exerciser,rehabilit 7830-01-560-3182 RFQ