FSC 8475 Specialized Flight Clothing and Accessories

Includes Specialized Antiexposure, Antigravity, Partial Pressure, and Full Pressure Ensembles, and Specialized Components therefor, including Unpressurized Protective Helmets, Eye Protective Devices, and items with Sound Attenuating Features. Excludes Conventional Winter, Summer, and Intermediate Flight Clothing Ensembles, and Components therefor; Components designed for use with both Specialized and Conventional Flight Clothing Ensembles.

Name NSN Details  
Coupling Assembly 8475-00-065-4812 RFQ
Nozzle Assembly 8475-00-065-4813 RFQ
Helmet,pilots Prote 8475-00-078-4738 RFQ
Helmet,pilots Prote 8475-00-078-4739 RFQ
Liner Crown Extra T 8475-00-083-2794 RFQ
Liner Back Extra Th 8475-00-083-2795 RFQ
Liner Front Extra T 8475-00-083-2796 RFQ
Dual Visor Kit,flyi 8475-00-084-2976 RFQ
Coveralls,flyers' Antiexposure 8475-00-090-3610 Waterproof coveralls specifically designed for use of flying personnel in event of emergency bailing out over water. It provides some degree of buoyancy, as well as protection from the elements. It is usually provided with head and hand coverings. The foot covering is usually an integral part of the suit. Excludes COVERALLS, FLYERS'. RFQ
Earcup Assy,helmet 8475-00-103-0535 RFQ
Housing,visor 8475-00-117-4537 RFQ
Track,visor,lower 8475-00-117-4426 RFQ
Suspension Assembly 8475-00-117-4430 RFQ
Suspension Assembly 8475-00-117-4431 RFQ
Retention Assembly 8475-00-117-4434 RFQ
Earcup Assy,helmet 8475-00-117-4535 RFQ
Earcup Assy,helmet 8475-00-117-4536 RFQ
Swivel Assy,helmet 8475-00-117-4538 RFQ
Extension,visor 8475-00-117-4557 RFQ
Housing,visor 8475-00-117-4559 RFQ