FSC 8475 Specialized Flight Clothing and Accessories

Includes Specialized Antiexposure, Antigravity, Partial Pressure, and Full Pressure Ensembles, and Specialized Components therefor, including Unpressurized Protective Helmets, Eye Protective Devices, and items with Sound Attenuating Features. Excludes Conventional Winter, Summer, and Intermediate Flight Clothing Ensembles, and Components therefor; Components designed for use with both Specialized and Conventional Flight Clothing Ensembles.

Name NSN Details  
Hold Down Helmet Fl 8475-00-564-7294 RFQ
Frame Assembly,oute 8475-00-564-7295 RFQ
Visor,flyer's Helmet 8475-00-565-3672 A plastic eyeshield, preformed to conform to the shape of the outer shell of a helmet. It has a guide with guide spring attached to each side and an opening in the center of the top edge for attaching to the visor lock. When open, it extends from the rim of the helmet to a position just below the eyes. RFQ
Spacer,bayonet 8475-01-141-5916 RFQ
Strap,nape 8475-01-142-5648 RFQ
Shell Helmet 8475-00-571-3965 RFQ
Frame Group Outer U 8475-00-571-3966 RFQ
Strap,chin,liner,fl 8475-01-142-7970 RFQ
Shell Subassembly,f 8475-01-142-7971 RFQ
Cover,visor Lens,fl 8475-01-142-9186 RFQ
Cover,visor Lens,ch 8475-01-142-9187 RFQ
Punch,leather,helme 8475-01-142-9175 RFQ
Lens,visor,flying H 8475-01-142-9184 RFQ
Cuff,quick Release 8475-00-573-2060 RFQ
Lens,visor,flying H 8475-01-143-2088 RFQ
Clip,visor Housing 8475-01-143-2096 RFQ
Strap Assembly,nape 8475-00-593-2796 An assembly consisting of two strap sections and a lacing cord used to join the sections at the center and adjust the size. It is designed to be used with a cushioned pad. RFQ
Ventilating Garment 8475-00-600-7651 RFQ
Mounting Kit,dual V 8475-01-150-7267 RFQ
Ventilating Garment 8475-00-607-9289 RFQ